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I hate Paris in the springtime...

"How are you, buddy? You hangin' in there? Your legs hurtin'?" Drew calls up to Kev during his descent. "I'm an idiot," Kev calls back. "I'm a friggin' idiot." "That's my boy," Drew says with a grin of total love. "Always keepin' a sense of humor." When they are reunited, he heaps praise on Kev for what a great job he did, and please note that most of the romantic couples could TAKE A HINT from the FRATERNITY BROTHERS about how to handle adversity. I just couldn't love these guys more if they kiss-kissed me.

Ouch. Lenny comes down without finding the flag. "Everybody else found it!" Karyn says helpfully. Not. "You have to go back up," she insists. As he starts to go back up, she piles it on. "I can't believe you came back down! Why'd you come back down?" He very testily asks her if she wants to go up. She reminds him that she can't -- only one of them can go. "You decided to do it!" she yells. He didn't, you'll remember. He tells her to shut up. Karyn: "Don’t tell me to shut up, just do it!" Eek, this is getting unpleasant in a hurry. Back up on the balcony, Lenny asks the people around him what's nearby. He looks for the Louvre, then starts asking about Notre Dame. Back on the ground, he finds Karyn. "Notre Dame," he says. CBS's worldwide audience cringes. This? Is not going to be pretty. Of course, Karyn doesn't really investigate how he came up with Notre Dame, because she's obsessed with haranguing him about his failures. "You didn't look out the window the first time, did you?" He just says, "You want to go to Notre Dame or what?" Sheesh. This is making me uncomfortable.

Plane footage. Teams are converging on Paris. And here it is -- the Great Taxi Skirmish of 2001. Now I would argue that it's hard to tell in this scene exactly how closely a "line" to get a taxi is being observed, but clearly there is a line. Paul and Amie arrive at the taxis just ahead of the Dark Hair/Light Hair. Amie, seeing the Texas girls trying to poach her cab, goes ahead and jumps in with her stuff, followed by Paul. Light Hair, in spite of what seems to be a reasonable supply of cabs, is determined to get this one particular cab (mostly because Amie is in it). In an interview, Light Hair confirms that yes, she "just cut" in line. She jumps in the front seat and starts bribing the cabbie. "Will you please take my group and ask them to please leave?" she says, offering money. Finally, the cabbie agrees (probably primarily because they're all being such idiots that he's anxious to get on with his life). Amie climbs out, and as she goes, she calls out to Light Hair, "You're a fat bitch." Now, listen up. There's no excuse for the name-calling, and you just don't talk to other people that way. Nevertheless? Light Hair, in that scene, was totally over the line. As Joey would say on Friends, she's so far over the line that she can't even see the line. The line is a dot to her. Back in the interview, Light Hair says in this unbelievably bitchy tone, "She screamed at me like she'd scream at her boyfriend," which would be kind of a funny line if she hadn't said it in this smug, annoying way that made me want to poke her in the eye. In the purloined cab, Light Hair and Dark Hair laugh hysterically. Yeah, laugh it up, chumps. Surprisingly relevant cliché of the week? What goes around comes around.

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