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These bootings are made for taking a taxi

Back at the airport, everyone else is grabbing cabs as well. In the TwinCab, Drew makes a very amusing face as they look determinedly for the route markers. That shot makes me feel a lot better about not really thinking they're that good-looking. BoB is indeed first to the route marker. They hop out of their cabs and go into the winery, where they find the clue for this week's Detour. This week, the ultimate task is to deliver wine from the winery to restaurants in town. The choices are Old School or New School. (Gross. What a desperate grab for hip.) (Also on my list of grievances, Phil is wearing a thin blue sweater I don't like. Phil, don't let them talk you into those fussy clothes.) In Old School, the team "helps" oarsmen paddle a boat to deliver one barrel of wine. In New School, the team takes a pickup truck and delivers three cases of wine to three different restaurants. This is a classic Tortoise/Hare detour, by the way, in that the boat is a very safe bet, but the truck seems faster, and if you did the truck flawlessly, I think you might indeed pick up time. In the truck, though, you can easily run into many, many more unpredictable factors than you will rowing the boat. Also, as is often the case with Tortoise/Hare detours, the Tortoise option (here, the boat) is more physically demanding, so if you're getting tired, it has that as a disadvantage as well. Let's watch!

Both teams in the BoB alliance choose Old School. They roll out the barrels (so to speak) in the direction of the boats. The Tense Majestic Theme For Strings plays as Derek and Drew wallow in their gorgeousness and get aboard their boat. Elsewhere, the same Wacky Adventures Theme For Keyboards And Bassoon that accompanied Gerard and Kenny in the punt last week accompanies them onto the wine boat. I wonder if that means they're going to fall in the water. There's really not time for falling in this week the way there was last week, though. More beautiful strings as the Twins row, and then more Wacky Adventures music as Ken and Gerard row.

Michael and Kathy wait patiently for their taxi to get them to where they're going. They really don't have good luck with the cabbies knowing where they need to be. I have to wonder whether, at some crucial point, they failed to tip.

BoB completes the boat ride, with Derek and Drew leading the way, and then they look for the restaurant where they need to make their delivery. One of the twins congratulates the other on "manhandling" the barrel, and Gerard congratulates Ken on his barrel technique as well. "Look at him go!" Gerard says admiringly.

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