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These bootings are made for taking a taxi

I feel so much better now.

Anyway, Teri and the Hat discuss, in an interview at the castle, that they "knew either Damon and Andre would be last or we would," which I suspect is a reference to the previous day's finish, given that it's clearly a Scotland-locale interview, but I suppose it still works.

Firecop finds the bottles and discovers they're going to Portugal. They pass Teri and Ian just as they leave, and then they go into town and look for transportation to the airport. Teri and the Hat are hot on their trail. "How do we get to Portugal?" the Hat asks Teri as they walk along the street, perusing the clue. I have this urge to say "practice, practice, practice," but that's a different joke. Teri remarks that they'll have to fly, which I'm certainly glad they were able to figure out. Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed the swimming footage. In town, Andre gets on the phone to book a flight. Ian also gets on the phone and calls their driver from the day before, telling him, "We got our next clue and our next route and I need your help." Excuse me, "we got our next clue"? Can we go back to the rule that you're not really supposed to tell people everywhere you go that you're in a race? Whatever happened to that rule? That was a really, really good rule. For some reason, Andre and Damon watch Teri and Ian through binoculars from down the street. I'm not sure what that's going to accomplish at this point, but...okay. They see Ian and Teri get a cab out of town, and realize they're the only ones still in Stonehaven. The Firecop cab gets underway shortly thereafter.

Firecop and Teri and the Hat wind up on the same 10:00 AM flight from Aberdeen to London.

In London, Flo explains that when the big crowd arrived in London, they discovered that the BoB had booked themselves on a connecting route through Cologne to Portugal, whereas the HugeTinies were all taking a direct flight. The BoB connecting route is scheduled to get them into Portugal earlier -- it's hard to tell whether the Twin who explains it says "forty-five minutes" or "twenty-five minutes" (I think he says "twenty-five"), but either way? Yikes. Not a big advantage, considering that we learn that the tradeoff is that they only have a half-hour to connect in Cologne, which is close to impossible in terms of connection times. Oy. I'm surprised they'd even book you tickets cutting it that closely. I have to say, I'd call that a poor decision. I understand about taking some risks, but there is only a very small payoff there, and the risk if it doesn't work is enormous.

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