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The Band of Brothers strains to stay ahead of the surging HugeTinies. As the teams walk along the dark road looking for paths to the harbor, Flo says, "This is officially now a Twin Hunt." Flo just could not need to shut up more. "Those twins," she interviews. "They just need to make one mistake. And they'll make it. I hope it's soon." Excuse me, but when did Derek and Drew become James Bond villains? Are they really that scary? What ever happened to running your own damn race? Shut up, Flo. A lot.

11:13 pm. Michael and Kathy open their clue. As they leave the castle, Kathy voices over, "Michael is Type C and I'm Type A, and hopefully maybe we can make a B together." I'm sorry, say again? I know what a "Type A" is, but what in the hell is "Type C"? "Make a B together"? That sounds like the lyrics of a boy band song. Or, actually, not a real boy band song, but a song that a thirteen-year-old writes and sends to her favorite boy band, hoping they'll sing it. And they never do, and then she starts wearing black and listening to old Velvet Underground LPs she found in her father's desk, and it's all because no one would perform her song, "Alphabet Boy, Alphabet Girl." But anyway. As they walk up the path, Michael says, "Beware the werewolf!" And then he growls. And my friends and I would do that a little bit, too. Heh.

The Band of Brothers continues to look for the path to the clue, but FloZach finds a shortcut. By going literally off the beaten path, the HugeTinies pick up time going to the harbor, and they find the clue bottles first. Arianne takes pride in noting that if the bottles are "port," then the destination must be Portugal. Of course, if you lacked that knowledge, you could also tell from the way the bottles have the address of the next location on them, and the way that at the bottom, it says, "Portugal." Man, this episode is like the anti-PSA for Reading Is Fundamental.

Over a couple of shameless pictures of gorgeous American Airlines planes, Phil explains that teams now have to fly to Portugal. Domo arigato, Mr. Repeato, but we were listening, you know. They're going to the Calem Port Lodge, where they'll get their next clue.

Right on the heels of the HugeTinies, the BoB alliance rushes onto the scene and grabs their clue bottles.

Aaron tries to flag down a car to get some help, and it drives right by. "I thought everyone in Scotland was supposed to be so nice," he snots, in an accent that is (1) more "Cockney" than "Scottish," and (2) more "ass" than "Cockney." Arianne's Funny Foreign Accent is much better than his.

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