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These bootings are made for taking a taxi

As has happened a few other times in the race, the Twins fail to urge their cab driver on as enthusiastically as some other teams do, so they get passed, and passed some more. "Can you beat that taxi?" Jill asks the JVJ driver. "Get in front of him?" John Vito talks her down a little: "He's got it, he's got it." I think these two read each other's energy really well. She's losing it a little, and he dials her back a bit; he's lagging, and she pushes harder. It's nice. It's, you know, functional. In the Kenny/Gerard cab, Gerard seems alarmed and yet thrilled at the bravado displayed by their driver, as he and Kenny literally hang on to various parts of the cab. "We'll get there first!" Gerard says gamely. "Dead or alive!" Heh. First at the stadium? Oppositamazov. Yay! They run in and read the Roadblock. It's pretty straightforward, and very reminiscent of Spanky The Junior Ping-Pong Champion. The Roadblock involves standing in a soccer goal and having a teenage soccer player take penalty kicks until you successfully block one. I would think there would be one rule for this Roadblock: Whoever Is Taller Does It. After all, penalty kicks are going to be blocked based on good luck as much as anything, so you want to take up as much space as possible.

Ken takes the Roadblock for his team, and he's followed quickly by Zach. Michael and Kathy and John Vito and Jill arrive, and then Derek and Drew and Heave. John Vito, Drew, Michael, and Heather take the Roadblock. When Firecop arrives, Damon takes it for them. Michael is the first racer to actually stop a kick, and as was discussed on the forums, the real key to this task is to just guess a side and sort of dive to that side. You'll guess right before too long, and that's really a lot better than just standing there and trying to catch up with the ball once you see where it's going. That's what Michael does, exactly. He has to ruin the moment by crediting his "catlike reflexes," but he did well with the task. He and Kathy read the clue, which says, as he reads it: "Congratulations, that was a World Cup Performance. Now, you must walk to the pit stop." Is that really such a hard clue, I ask you? Anyway, it's a one-and-a-half-mile walk to the Torre de Belem, yet another Ancient Fortress Pit Stop. Whatever happened to sleeping in tents? My goodness. Ken finishes the Roadblock next, also succeeding with the "choose a side" approach. They read the clue. "You must walk to the pit stop." Hee hee. Next successful stopping of a kick is Damon, and Firecop is on their way.

Lagging behind? Teri and Ian and Aaron and Arianne, who are still in cabs. My gosh! Can my luck really be this good? These are the two teams I can't stand! I love the idea of one of them being Philiminated! Ian, with his usual never-say-die attitude, comments grimly that "it's not looking good." Aaron says that what's tough is not knowing whether they're "the first cab or the last cab." Well, sweetheart, it's a lot closer to "last" than "first."

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