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Everyone converges on the station. A very nice edit shows Teri and the Hat saying about the bunching, "It felt good!" followed directly by interview footage of Gerard saying, "We felt awful." Heh.

Finally, Firecop, FloZach, and Heave finish the deliveries. But first, Eve smashes the truck into a post. It's like she's working her way through a checklist of annoying and stereotypical helpless-female behaviors. "Refuses to carry own boxes." Check. "Displays inability to drive stick." Check. "Congratulates self for forcing own rescue." Check. "Hits something with car." Check. Go away, Eve.

In the end, though, in spite of the truck problems and the inability to drive and the broken bottles and everything, what we wind up with at the train station, when all is said and done, is a nine-way tie. Yep. A nine-way tie. Arianne, displaying quite a bit of nerve, complains and bitches about the bunching, and how there was no way for them to separate themselves from the other teams. Excuse me, but boo-hoo, dear. You've gotten boosts from this same phenomenon several times already. In fact, every single instance of your "we caught up with the twins!" crowing has resulted from that factor alone. And now you're griping that you can't maintain your little lead over the people who are behind you? My goodness. Whatever. Everyone boards the same train to Lisbon. Oooh, tension! Michael and Ken both observe on the train that they're coming up on what's sure to be the Roadblock, and basically whatever team comes out on the bottom of the Roadblock is going to be out. For obvious reasons, Ken thinks this development sucks, Michael is fairly indifferent, and Teri thinks it's the greatest news ever. Aaron and Arianne comment that the HugeTiny alliance has been temporarily suspended, because the stakes are so high. And of course, they wouldn't want to be held back by any of the people in their alliance who aren't as slick with the racing as they are. It will be interesting to see how they do when they're on their own in a flat team-to-team race to the mat, won't it? Ken and Gerard make the same comment -- when it's a nine-way tie, it's every man for himself. Michael compares it to death row. Except, I guess, without the "death" part.

Everyone piles off the train together, and Phil reminds us that they're grabbing cabs to the soccer stadium. Lots of cab chaos ensues. This section of the race seems to involve yelling "rapido" at your driver a lot, and admiring him when he passes other teams. Ken and Gerard are particularly appreciative of their driver's efforts on their behalf. An especially worn-out-looking Ian says (from under The Hat) that they're "dead last." Teri chimes in, "Again." My goodness, has there ever been a team with a more negative attitude? I mean, normally I don't pick on the casting too much, but I do have to agree with those who have wondered what made someone think that casting these people was a good idea. They're not particularly good racers, they're unpleasant, they're not interesting...just seems like a strange choice to me. If he didn't have the Hat, they'd really just be taking up space.

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