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These bootings are made for taking a taxi

Back at the lodge, the HugeTinies are arriving, as are Teri and the Hat and Firecop. Aahab chooses the boat (logically enough -- heh) and so do Teri and Ian, but John Vito and Jill, Heave, FloZach, and Firecop choose the trucks. Michael and Kathy? Not on the scene yet.

Derek and Drew complete their wine delivery, and the next clue tells them to get to Gate F of the Estadio do Restelo, a Lisbon soccer stadium. This will involve a two-hundred-mile train trek, which the clue specifically requires. In fact, it seems to be downright lawyery on the subject, stating, "You must travel to Lisbon by train, arriving by train at the so-and-so station...." Boy, that whole Castelfranco Emilia thing certainly never is far from anyone's mind, is it? BoB gets directions to the train station, and learns that it's within walking distance.

Teri and the Hat are having a few problems communicating. They actually walk out in opposite directions, and she yells, "Where are you going?" "Boats!" he yells. "Truck!" she yells. "Boats! Old School!" he continues. She wonders if he's doing it right. Language Arts teachers continue to take stiff drinks to survive the episode. Teri and Ian take off in their boat just on the heels of Aahab, who are paddling ahead of them. Aaron wants the boat guy to tell him how to go faster. Surprisingly enough, the guy doesn't say, "Ah, yes, sir. Faster! Well, to go faster, you would push this red button." And then Aaron would have said, "Red button? Where? Where?" And then the Portuguese boat guy would say "idiot" in Portuguese, and I would laugh. And I don't even speak Portuguese. The thing to note about this rowing sequence, really, is that the Racers don't need to do anything except stay out of the way, despite the clue's reference to "helping." I mean, I guess they're helping a little bit, but some of them (Teri in particular) seem to be hindering, by not being able to get the feel of the stroke. (Oh, shut up.) In truth, my favorite part of that sequence is when Aaron first tells Arianne that Teri and Ian are following them and are right there. Arianne says, "On the boat?" Aaron says, "On the boat." And then there's this little pause, and Arianne goes, "Ew." It's pretty funny. And why? Because it's spontaneous and doesn't feel like mugging.

The New School racers (Firecop, Heave, FloZach, and Jill and John Vito) load their trucks with wine. Firecop drops a crate of wine. CRASH! So sad. You know, I would have charged some kind of penalty for that or something, because the reason he dropped it was that he was carrying three at once to try to gain an edge. I hope the show paid the winery for all those nice bottles. The trucks take off.

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