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Dallas and Toni have arrived at the bikes, but before they get going, he advises her to sit down and catch her breath. In an interview, he says she steps it up when he asks her to, but isn't against letting her have a break once in a while. Yes, sit down and enjoy your hypoxia, Mom.

Mark and Bill cruise through a traffic-free tunnel and arrive at the park where the giant U-TURN sign and box await. They pass it up, because why use it given their giant (if entirely illegitimate) lead? Time to move on to the clue. It tells them (and Phil tells us), that they now have to take an eight-mile taxi ride to a building called Los Titanes Del Ring for their next clue. They hop into a cab. "That was bumpy, as advertised," Bill remarks cheerfully, sounding so much like my old bandmate Kraftmatik that I wonder if he's got a guitar stashed in his backpack.

The Frat Boys have arrived at their second plaza full of musicians, and call out a three-piece horn section in blue shirts, trying to hurry them along. Since their primary method of doing so is to have Dan glower at them, it doesn't work as well as you might think.

Meanwhile, Terence and Sarah are following Ken and Tina through that tunnel at frankly terrifying speeds (especially given that Sarah's wearing her helmet around her neck), Terence yelling at Sarah that they're going to get U-Turned. What's that, Terence? Your "I don't need friends" strategy is presenting a possible risk?

Marisa and Brooke find the other three-fifths of their band and proceed on their way. Marisa (at last, we have names! She's the longer-haired one who says "Brooke and I" in the interview, so it's nice to see they can at least tell each other apart) talks about how they kept turning to the band and clapping along, which she thinks sped them up. You mean the Frat Boys' strategy of treating them like millstones wasn't a winner?

On Bumpy Ride, Aja and Ty have caught up to Kelly and Christy along the route. Ty tries to urge Aja along, but she not only demurs, she dismounts her bike to walk alongside it, despite his protests. She interviews that she didn't realize until now how competitive he is. Somewhere behind them, Toni and Dallas are getting frustrated with each other. Hopefully this will get better as they continue coasting downhill and into richer atmosphere.

The Belles, having successfully raised the tempo of both their band and their progress, catch up with the Frat Boys near their destination. There's some confusion, and the Frat Boys end up following the Belles, grouchier than ever. Meanwhile, Ken|Tina and Terence|Sarah are dismounting their bikes nearby. Marisa and Brooke make their rendezvous with the bandleader, and decline to use the U-Turn, just as we see a panicked Terence running up to the box in the background. And then the race becomes truly amazing when we see the words "Marisa & Brooke - Currently in 2nd place" on the screen. The Amazing Editors must have had to dig pretty deep into the pile to find that chyron. Terence and Sarah also pass up the U-Turn, as do Ken and Tina. All three teams taxi up. The Frat Boys arrive, don't U-Turn, and proceed on their grumpy way. I guess I can't blame them, given how efficiently they just dropped from first to fourth.

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