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The sun comes up. Shoes are shined. Snow glistens on a nearby Andean peak. Women make their way down the street. And racers prep themselves for another day of being on TV, applying makeup and dry-shaving as the morning rush hour zooms past them on both sides. Nick takes the Divorcees aside to try and make peace, telling them, "It's not fun to hate each other on the race for no reason whatsoever." Christy says it's not for no reason, as she still suspects Starr of the heinous crime of sports bra defenestration. Nick tells them as politely as he can that he doesn't think she would do that. "We don't care if people like us, really, so..." Kelly snorts at him. Nick's like, "Done and done!" Only politely.

Sarah introduces us to her and Terence's "savior," Ana Maria, a local who has agreed to hang out with her team for the morning. Starr and Tina are making similar overtures to another pair of locals. Like anyone up and in the city this early wouldn't have someplace else to be. Racers' Spidey-senses start tingling (Mark displaying his jaunty knitted cap with "geek." stitched on the brim in Courier font), and a guy in a blue coverall delivers a pair of thick newspaper bundles from the back of a truck. The racers fall upon them, some teams grabbing a copy for each player, since there are clearly more than enough to go around. Somehow it's Dan who finds the clue first: that big ad in the classifieds reading, "HAT SALE!! Make your way to Navaez Hat and Shoe Store near Plaza Murillo and buy a traditional Cholita Hat. Additional information: Please hold on to your Hat!" I have to say, the erratic capitalization did help it blend in. Phil basically reiterates everything the Frat Boys just read, and we get to see what a Cholita Hat is. It's like a taller derby, or a top hat with a rounded top, with a luxuriously deep rain gutter encircling the brim like on a homburg. In fact, their hostess here is wearing one. The Frat Boys are off, and in the cab, Dan makes special note of the "Please hold on to your Hat" instruction. To my surprise, everybody actually will.

Ken and Tina find the ad next, and Ken calls out, "Starr and Nick, let's go." Wow, thanks, Mom and Dad. They jump into cabs. Toni and Dallas aren't far behind, followed by Terence and Sarah, who are proceeding on foot. "Everybody found it so quickly," one of the Belles exclaims to the other. Almost as though this were some kind of race. The Geeks have joined up with Terence and Sarah, and they're all debating the merits of bus vs. cab for a bit before being assured by Ana Maria that they can walk. The Geeks fall behind, short of breath. "Mother, did it need to be so high?" Bill complains, quoting Pink Floyd in the process. Well played, sir. The Divorcees are off, and they show off their shiny new clue-reading skills: "Please hold on to your Hats!" they chirp in unison. Aja and Ty go next, leaving the Belles to depart last. Again.

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