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And Marisa and Brooke, the Southern Belles, are somehow also leaving at 1:22, at least according to the subtitles. They interview about how they've started "every single leg" (not to give them undue credit, but that would be all two of them) in last place, and how their arrival at a task has become a kind of bellwether for all the other teams that it's time to hurry up, in the sense that they shouldn't be expecting any other teams to be behind them. "I think they underestimate us," says the longer-haired one. Yeah, it's totally unfair to judge a team on their consistently lackluster performance to date.

Aja|Ty, Toni|Dallas, and Nick|Starr are arriving at the airport, as have the Frat Boys, although the Divorcees are still in their cabs, as are the Belles. Must not be any airport drama this leg, because we abruptly jump to the Amazing Yellow Line (and its sometime partner, the Amazing Peach Line), curving westerly across South America to La Paz. Backtracking? This is no way to racearoundtheworld.

Some local color segues into a Bolivian sunset, as the first teams deplane onto the tarmac in darkness. A 1,200 mile flight + dropping behind a time zone = still nighttime when they arrive. Nick takes the time to comment to their camera crew, "The elevation is almost thirteen thousand feet. It's a lot harder to breathe than I thought it would be." On the bright side, at least all of the surrounding floor and ground seems to be at roughly the same altitude, so they don't appear to be in any danger of falling off. But there I go, underestimating the Belles again. Sorry, girls. As the Siblings walk slowly along the concourse with The Geeks, Bill advises, "Breathe deeply, not quickly." He interviews with Mark, "neither of us is in the best of shape. Now it's about endurance at altitude, and we're not really sure how that's gonna work out." The two teams take separate cabs to the statue, which is basically on a wide traffic island in the middle of town. The Geeks are not looking forward to what's shaping up to be an overnight stay. "Curses," Mark says. Nick and Starr arrive first, to find a woman stationed there in traditional garb -- shawl, long skirt, and a type of hat you'll be reading more about later on -- next to a large stack of blankets. "It's a campout," they inform the arriving Geeks. Terence and Sarah arrive next, followed by Toni|Dallas, Kelly|Christy, Ken|Tina, Marisa|Brooke, and Andrew|Dan. So that's a full enforced bunch, as everyone settles down onto the cold, hard ground for the night. "At least we get to sleep next to Simon Bolivar," says one of the Belles, pronouncing the great man's name like he's a boulevard named after Art Garfunkel's former partner.

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