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Terence and Sarah arrive fifth, and she continues to be the Road Block queen for their team. "Vamonooooos!" she hollers as her Cholita leads her off at a dead run. The subtitles read, "Let's go." Which I believe is accurate in meaning, if not tone. Nick's taking it for the Siblings.

Marisa is kind of slow to understand her instructions, but Mark's ready to go. Or at least he says he is; his exhausted, "All right, let's do this" is not confidence-inspiring. In the arena, he starts off strong, but on the re-entry he gets tangled in the ropes, looking momentarily like a skydiving ostrich. He has to start over. Bill grimaces from the sidelines, "It's back to training."

Aja and Ty arrive in seventh, and Ty decides to take it for their team as Dan heads in with Andrew, having decided to trade his Cholita hat for a Cholita lady. And Marisa's ready to give it a shot for real. But when she's in the arena and her Cholita comes rushing at her, expecting to be flipped, Marisa just stands there. The whistle blows, and she has to start over. We get a glimpse of Dallas in his yellow tights, ready to go, and Team Divorced finally arrives, with Kelly taking it instead of the wounded Christy. On the sidelines, Aja takes the opportunity to break some news to Christy: "Starr was trying to get me and Ty to U-Turn you guys." Christy just thanks her for the intel and glares over at Starr, who's too busy fiddling with her luggage straps to realize she just got kneecapped.

Dallas enters his ring, and Toni says that it's just like home as she cheers him on. He succeeds on his first try, and they're off to the pit stop. They made up some time, all right. Last place to second place in a hell of a hurry. Toni can sit and rest whenever she wants, as far as I'm concerned.

Up next is Sarah, in blue-gray tights with some kind of varmint on the front. She blows the taunting, pausing inside the ropes instead of slipping through them like she's supposed to. Out in the training rings, Mark is desultorily going through his paces, complaining about the deadly combination of the difficult moves and the altitude. Nick (in red tights that make him look like Burt Ward as Robin) wants to do one more run-through, and Dan (in blue) goes inside and yields his training ring to a waiting Ty (in yellow, with a salamander or something on the front). Mark is by now reduced to sitting and sucking on an oxygen mask. Dude. I don't know if that was provided by the show or the arena, but either way, it's not a good sign for the Geeks.

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