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And Mark and Bill, "Currently in 1st Place," without an asterisk or anything, are upset that their driver is stopping for gas. So that leaves room for the other teams to do some taxi-jockeying that leaves Ken and Tina the first team to reach the clue box outside Los Titanes Del Ring. "Road Block," she reads.

Phil looks unusually grim as he walks around a pair of wrestling rings in an arena, with wrestlers grappling one another within the ropes behind him. He reminds us that a Road Block is something only one person can perform. "In this Road Block, that person has to set aside all decorum, and fight a girl." Hee.

Fighting Cholitas! In this case, a Cholita is a woman, not a hat. Although the Cholitas are all wearing Cholita hats. But each of them will receive another Cholita hat from an arriving team. This is really more confusing than I intended it to be. Anyway, the person doing the Road Block for each team will choose one of the waiting women, put on a set of wrestling tights, and get "trained" in six wrestling moves in private rings outside the arena. So it's really not so much of a wrestling match as a carefully choreographed routine. Just like real wrestling. When they think they've got it down, they and their Cholita will go into the arena and do the routine in front of the cheering crowd, who I hope at least got a real show after these clowns finished doing their thing. And in a beautifully choreographed moment, Phil is inside one of the rings, walking clear across it toward the camera, seemingly oblivious to the alarmingly large number of Bolivians hurtling through his immediate airspace. "If they mess up at all, they'll have to go back, train again, and fight until they get it right." I wonder how many times it took to get that shot right. Phil doesn't appear to be limping, at least.

Ken is taking this one for their team, completely misinterpreting the "Who's ready to pick a fight?" clue. Inside the packed arena, he goes right past the waiting Cholitas with his hat and starts looking around until Tina points at the stone-faced women arrayed before them and explains, "These are the Cholitas." Needle scratch. Oh well, he's in now.

The Belles arrive next, and Brooke says to Marisa, "You're the fighter," as though there's a difference between them. Her reaction isn't too different from Ken's, but for different reasons.

Wearing a red-orange leotard with a yellow lightning-bolt "Z" on the belly that makes him look not unlike Captain Marvel with his shirt on sideways, Ken gets into a training ring with his Cholita, and practice begins. Under the direction of a guy in referee colors, Ken takes a fake kick to the chest, "falls" against the ropes, and leads his "opponent" in a chase around the ring before "flipping" her (with a lot of help from her) and then hurling himself crosswise across her prone body. Isn't this the kind of thing that got him in trouble with Tina in the first place? Arriving at the other practice ring and seeing Ken's training in progress, the Belles are surprised at having caught up with someone. Now who's underestimating them?

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