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Nine teams remain, unless you count Ken|Tina and Nick|Starr as one, like Terence insisted last week. Who will be Philiminated next? Two racers, or four?

Phil welcomes us back to the Pit Stop in Fortaleza, informing us that the competition didn't stop during the mandatory 12-hour rest period. For more details, let's let Christy unspool this captivating yarn: "At the last Pit Stop, I was drying my sports bra, and mysteriously enough it had hurled itself off the ledge." Okay, Christy's rack isn't particularly suicide-inducing, so she formed a theory after spotting Starr in the hallway. "Did you push my sports bra off the ledge?" she says she demanded of Starr, in what must be some kind of start-to-title record. Cut to an interview with Starr and Nick, where Starr laughingly says she denied the crime. But Christy remained suspicious. "How does that get us ahead in anything?" Starr asks, reasonably enough, while Nick shakes his head next to her. But Christy vows that they're willing to play as dirty as they think Starr is. At her side, Kelly supports her by slapping a fist into her palm. Oh, it's going to be raining women's undies in South America, y'all.

Ken and Tina are leaving the Pit Stop at 12:51 a.m. They've switched to blue for this leg, which is sending them to La Paz, Bolivia. "At twelve thousand feet above sea level," Phil warns, "La Paz could leave teams breathless...literally." Once in La Paz, they have to find a certain statue of Simon Bolivar (I assume that there are more than one in any given Bolivian city, hence the name) in time for the morning paper delivery, and the next clue will be hidden in the classifieds of said paper. Tricky! We the viewers get an advance glimpse of the ad, which stands out by virtue of having larger text, being in English, and headed with the phrase "HAT SALE!!" Dead giveaway, right? Ken and Tina begin the leg by sniping at each other over the best direction for them to sprint off to find their cab. Tina interviews that they're still pushing each other's buttons too much, which she says they need to work on. Yes, because that's great TV.

Mark and Bill are leaving one minute later, at 12:52 a.m. In their pre-departure interview, Mark says their strategy is to keep doing what they've been doing. "If we need to take a couple extra seconds to analyze a situation while everybody else just rushes headlong into it, that's paying off time and time again." I'm going to take a couple extra seconds to analyze the dental charts of those words, just so I can identify their bite marks later when they show up on someone's ass. Not saying whose yet.

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