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Here come Momily and Cockroach. They pile out and start looking. (Note that it looks here like they're doing the W-T game at the same time, but I think that in fact each team has to wait for a turn, because I don't think they actually go simultaneously. I'm going with the flow of the edits, though.) Nancy almost clotheslines herself, and Paul starts nattering, "Amie, Amie, Amie, Amie," into the W-T. Damn, that is really annoying, Paul. It's worse than Rob's glasses, and that is saying a lot. Meanwhile, Frank and Margarita show up, and Frank starts "blah blah blah"-ing into his W-T in a singsong-y way, wearing a black-and-white patterned scarf on his head. Paul mentions to Amie that he feels stupid just saying her name into the W-T (thank God), and she tells him to "just talk, have a conversation." "Okay. How's it goin'?" he says. "Not with me!" she exasperates, and there's the Blamie (tm Abigail Steeplechase) we know and love. Actually, in fairness, that was damn funny, so I shouldn't complain.

Drew and Kevin, in their car, sharing the backseat. "Forget the seatbelt," Kevin advises, as Drew -- ever the cop -- tries to buckle up for what's turning into a pretty wild ride. "Your ass is just way too fat for me to get this in," Drew gripes. "Forget it, it's not going in," Kevin snaps. "It's not going in. It will not go in." Somewhere, Mike "Mind of the Married Moron" Binder makes a note to steal this dialogue, because it's about as subtle as what he writes. Actually, it's almost too subtle for him.

Momily finds the W-T and takes off. Cockroach does the same. Amie comments that she and Paul were "so adamant about getting out there and hurrying up" that they just started driving without knowing where they were going. This was a bad idea, as we're soon going to find out. We've also seen this before, you'll remember -- the lesson? Figure out where you're going before you take off. It's the "measure twice, cut once" of traveling.

Frank is still "blah blah blah"-ing. He and Margarita find the W-T, grab the clue, and scoot just as Lenny and Karyn come in. Lenny and Karyn now have the conversation that stands for their entire relationship thus far, at least as it's been seen on the show. He's quietly saying, "Hello? Hello?" into the W-T, while she keeps saying, "You're supposed to use the walkie-talkie, Lenny! You're supposed to use the walkie-talkie!" Saying it is one thing, but she manages to say it in the same accusatory and whiny way we've seen so many times before. He turns around and finally offers it to her. "Here, here!" he says. "Go ahead, go ahead!" she answers, "Come on!" You know, speaking of "come on," come on, Karyn. Take the W-T and do it yourself, or lay the hell off. This is not a good pattern they have going here.

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