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I'd walk a mile for a Camel

Once they leave the W-T game, the teams have to use a map and compass to navigate to a flag in the middle of the Sahara desert. There are some yellow rocks along the way to guide them, but we're not told exactly how the yellow rocks work. I have a feeling the rocks are along one side of the road in the direction they're supposed to be headed. Phil says that one wrong turn could leave the teams "lost in this brutal wasteland." Thanks, Phil. You're quite the barrel of laughs this week.

The sun beats down.

Shower-Fresh. Kevin and Drew aren't finding the yellow stones. Drew: "Everything's yellow here, it's sand! It's the desert!" Snerk. Meanwhile, in the Cockroach car, Paul and Amie are still looking for the W-T game, and Amie is in the back seat, puking her guts up into a plastic bag. I guess she got tired of complaining and needed to hork up something more tangible. "Are you sure you're all right?" he asks her. "[Retch, retch, hork,]" Amie responds. "Just keep drivin'." While Paul and Amie are stopped, Nancy and Emily come upon them, and Emily runs over to check in. She compares notes -- or rather the lack of notes -- with Paul, as Amie hacks in the background. When she returns to her mom, Emily says, "Amie's throwin' up." "Ohhhhhh, bless her heart," Nancy says. Awww. Nancy is nice. Although I'm not sure that in the Mom Playbook, "Bless her heart" is for throwing up. I think that one is for Amie sending Nancy flowers or something. I think "poor baby" is for throwing up. Maybe Nancy's sensors are a little off.

Status update. Drew and Kevin are ahead, followed by Team Guido. In the middle are Momily, Team Cockroach, and Team Danza. Bringing up the rear are Team Esquire and Lenny and Karyn. (Lenny and Karyn are officially the last team without a nickname. How did that happen?)

Esquire gets to the monument and notices that there are only a couple of trucks left, so they know they're not doing too well. Lenny and Karyn show up, which Brennan laments, making use of a gratuitous "dude," which is a five-point penalty in the Miss Alli Scoring System. (Motto: "Yes, There Are Rules, And Number One Is That The Ultimate Arbiter Is My Whim.") Specifically, Brennan says, "Lenny and Karyn are already here, dude." "I don’t understand how," Rob grumbles. Let me take a guess, "dude": by car, same as you. But don't quote me. Aaaanyway, Esquire gets the clue and hires the driver. Lenny and Karyn do the same. She, as usual, puts it on him to decide what to do. Everybody's doing the W-T game.

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