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5:03 AM. Team Danza opens the clue. As they walk toward the cab, Frank explains to us that the two of them "had the dreaded relationship discussion" last night. Yack yack, Frank wants to think strategy and Margarita just wants to talk about looooooove. She finds it frustrating, and she says they haven't reached any final conclusions about what they're eventually going to do.

5:22 AM. Buenos dias, Rob y Brennan. Rob, still in the green lumpy parka. (Get this boy a new coat, because this one reminds me of boys I knew in tenth grade. All he needs is a Trapper Keeper and a tenor saxophone, and he'll be right on target.) Brennan? Well, at least he's not wearing a visor, and that's a good start. They do look a little doofy running down the street away from the Coliseum, but I think that has to do with the weight of the packs, which forces them to run as if they desperately need to find the bathroom. Or maybe they do, who knows? They comment that they're in sixth place, "which at this point, is second to last." You gotta love a mathematician.

5:43 AM. Lenny and Karyn take off, while Rob and Brennan continue voicing over that they're afraid that the Bunching will not occur this week, and they'll get hosed because they've lost leads so many times and now they might not have a chance to catch up. The boys refer to the Bunching as "an equalizing spot," which is more accurate than "bunching," actually, but isn't as funny to my fingers when I'm typing it. Anyway, Rob and Brennan are the Big Bunching-Noticers. (That sounds dirty and uncomfortable -- it's entirely innocent, I assure you.)

Karyn says she makes no apologies for the person she is, and certainly I'm in agreement with her there. No point in apologizing for your personality. She tells us she's "bossy," and "likes things done a certain way -- preferably [her] own way." I write this down in permanent marker so that I don't forget. I certainly hadn't previously noticed. Then -- and here's an interesting anecdote -- Lenny tells the tale of a conversation he had with Karyn's mom, when he and Karyn had "first started dating." ["It's worth noting that, before he can even get word one of the story out, Karyn warns him that he'd better get it right." -- Sars] Mom Karyn apparently told Lenny, "You have a lot of work in front of you. It's not gonna be easy." Now that's a bad story. Your mom can say that to your husband, once she knows him like family. But your boyfriend when you've "first started dating?" No. That's unfortunate.

Sunrise. Amie is dreaming (and even singing a little) about winning a million dollars. Paul explains in an interview that this will be enough to give her the wedding she wants, which involves getting married on the beach. (Excuse me, but isn't getting married on the beach cheaper than most options? Are you buying the sand and spreading it yourself?) Team Cockroach is clearly getting a buzz from its newfound success, because this is the first time they've looked really happy. In the cab, Paul teases Amie about wedding matters by saying, "I'm telling you, Vegas ain't that bad." She affectionately elbows him, and they both grin. Awwww. I'm going all soft on Cockroach.

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