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I'd walk a mile for a Camel

Lenny/Karyn and Team Danza are in a race for what I'm not sure they realize are the last two safe spots. Essentially, this sequence consists of very slow camel-leading, in which Danza catches up to Lenny and Karyn. I have to say that Danza seems to be doing a very good job of working together this week, much to my surprise. Maybe the "relationship discussion," combined with Margaretta's wise advice to hang in for forty years, has done them some good. At one point, Karyn sees the Guidos up ahead, because she bitterly comments on the "matching outfits." "Why are you worried about everybody else?" Lenny asks. "I'm not. I'm worried about us getting to that yellow flag," she snits. This is not a good week for Karyn. In the end, Danza comes in fifth, and Lenny/Karyn finish sixth. Lenny and Karyn immediately face in opposite directions, and she shares a hug with Margarita. Lenny just looks miserable.

Paul and Amie are seriously lost. No, lost-er than that. At the oasis, the other teams speculate about their fate. "They left, like, a half hour before us," the Esquires point out. "They're lost in the desert," Nancy says flatly. "I bet Paul is freaking out," she goes on. "Paul?" Rob says. "Man, Amie is the one that's freakin' out. That girl is loud." Hey! Don't disrespect the loud, Rob. Speaking on behalf of loud women everywhere, Drew steps in. "She's feisty, Amie. I like that about her. Feisty girl." Go, Drew! Go, Drew! Go, Drew!

In a kinda sad scene in the Cockroach car, Paul is sympathetically asking Amie how she's feeling, and she's saying she wants to keep playing and doesn't want to quit. He's trying to break it to her that they're already out, and she's not ready to hear it.

The other teams wait patiently in the oasis, clearly pretty concerned about the whereabouts of Paul and Amie. There's a nice shot of Frank with his arms wrapped around Margarita.

Paul and Amie seem to spot what's actually the oasis (meaning they miss the camel entirely, which is sort of beside the point now anyway). The waiting Nancy puts her hands together in relief when she sees them coming. Drew is looking, too. There is applause, now, as Paul and Amie approach. "You guys all right?" Drew asks as they hop from the SUV. "We got lost," Paul tells them. "You feelin' all right, though, Amie? I heard you were sick," Drew says, coming over to give her a hug. "We were really -- everyone was really, really worried," he continues. I have a feeling it was a pretty damn long time between when everybody else got there and when Paul and Amie finally showed up. Lenny gives them hugs, too. As everyone stands around in a circle, Kevin puts his arms around Paul from behind and rubs his head. He goes over and gives Amie a hug, as Paul explains just how far they were from where they needed to be. Even the Guidos are standing around looking concerned through their little white turbans. Amie looks really sad. Paul? Not so much. A voice I think is Brennan's explains that everybody is always sad now when somebody gets eliminated, but then again, it's a game. Do I really need to say "DRINK"?

Time for Paul and Amie to stand on the mat and be officially Phil-iminated. Paul is beaming, to be honest. I think he's pretty relieved to be done. The outpouring of love from the other teams seems to have cheered Amie as well, because she's come up with a little bit of a smile. She says she'll mostly miss the traveling. I think that, actually, part of her sadness is that they were doing better until they got so hideously lost, and if the editing isn't completely misleading (which I'm thinking it might have been), they got knocked out just as they were beginning to figure out how to be better at this game, and their ouster had a lot to do with the bad luck of her being sick. Paul hopes one of the other underdog teams will pull it out in the end. He's still smiling the big smiley-smile. He gives Amie a big smooch, right on the mouth. She's been throwing up all day. I'm just saying.

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