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I'd walk a mile for a Camel

Paul and Amie appear to be stuck in the sand, AND Amie is still puking. "I can't listen to you be sick, I’m sorry," he tells her. "I don’t care about this game anymore," he says, and she throws up some more.

Team Guido at the oasis. Joe yells in an unforgivably demanding tone, at the guy I guess was their camel handler, for him to get over there and help Joe get down. Given that Drew just pulled down on the rope to get the camel to sit, Joe is hardly trapped, but he still yells like he's in a panic. I think what we all need is a Guido handler, is what I think. That would SO be worth fifty bucks. The guy comes over and helps, and the Guidos finally run over toward the finish line. They step on the mat, raising their arms in victory. They do not, however, say "Team Guido, reporting for duty," as they so often do, so at least we have that to be thankful for. "You are team number two," the guy tells them. It's hard to tell whether they'd figured out by then that somebody was ahead of them, because Bill keeps it up with the "Yay!" looking totally unfazed, and Joe leans forward like he might be shocked, but he might be just leaning. They both might be pretending not to be shocked. Bill wraps an arm around Joe, says "Good job!" and gives him a big smooch on the cheek, which is kinda cute.

Momily lands third. "Three is great!" Emily enthuses, looking tired but not disappointed. Kevin comes toward them. "I am so happy for you guys," he says, wrapping an arm around each. "Way to go." Drew comes over. "I knew it!" he says. "Another team comin' in, I said, 'That's our girls comin' in, I know it, I know it.'" Kevin: "Look at Nancy! She knows how to walk a camel, all right." Now THERE is an original compliment. Frat/Momily hugs and celebrates, while the Guidos, staying cool in the shade, pout in private.

Lenny and Karyn miraculously locate the route marker.

Rob, camel, binoculars, no hat. Nice shot, and that's all I'm saying.

Frank and Margarita find the marker, too.

Lenny and Karyn. She's griping at him, he's griping at her, and yakkety yak yak. "Come on, they're right behind us, Lenny," she says, apparently referring to Team Danza. Karyn manages to get on the camel in a bossy manner, which takes some doing. Margarita opens the clue and quickly offers to take the ride. Karyn encourages Lenny to lead the camel in the right direction. Margarita climbs aboard, with Frank very calmly telling her he's right behind her and not to worry. Obviously, someone has stolen the Loud Pushy Frank that would usually be served here and replaced him with Folgers Crystals.

Esquire. Welcome, you are number four. This is nice for them, because they started the day in sixth. Good day for the lawyers. "What a comeback, dude!" Rob comments. "We were so far behind all day long, I thought we were dead." Brennan finishes the day with the hat, however, so he's the big loser in that department.

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