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I'd walk a mile for a Camel

Frank and Margarita are despairing, because they've been driving a heck of a long time and they're not seeing yellow rocks anymore. She comments that they've "made a lot of wrong turns," and they're just hoping somebody else did, too.

Commercials. Weekly plug for Wolf Lake, but this week they're not promoting nudity. Does that mean the wolves are wearing clothes now?

Joe and Bill are at the camels, and Joe climbs aboard. (No, no, he climbs aboard a CAMEL. Sheesh.) They hire a camel handler. (Of course they do. They're the big spenders.) Meanwhile, Nancy congratulates Momily's driver on getting them to the marker as well. Faced with the "who wants to go for a ride" question, once again, the team picks Emily -- so, as stated above, this time Nancy has to do most of the work. It's too bad, because Nancy could've definitely handled the camel.

Lenny and Karyn are lost, as are Paul and Amie. Lenny and Karyn, in particular, look like they can't stand each other. Paul comments that "this is how [he and Amie] always get in last place. Something to do with directions and driving. Two retards." He studies the map, and Amie leans over his shoulder, trying not to throw up. Unfortunately, Paul's got that "I've got nothin'" look on his face, and Amie slumps back into the back seat and loses the battle against tossing her cookies again.

Team Guido. "There's only seven teams, we're the first ones here," Joe deduces from something apparently misleading. "The fatties got lost." He just could not be more pleased with himself. "Sure looks like it," Bill agrees, equally self-satisfied.

In The Best Reality TV Edit Of All Time, Now And Forevermore, we cut directly to Kevin and Drew, dancing and laughing at the oasis, soaking up the hospitality, and basically having a hell of a time. No matter who wins, this week is the week of Go To Hell, Guidos, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving team, if you ask me.

Momily finds the next clue. "Oh, gosh," Nancy despairs, obviously getting pretty warm from the camel-accompanying. "We have to walk more."

A-ha, here's Team Esquire, making up time indeed, as they find the route marker ahead of Danza, Lenny/Karyn, or Cockroach. In a surprising twist, neither of them expresses the need to pee. Rob takes on the ride. You know, for all my complaints about these guys, they have this going for them: They don't have long battles over who's going to do what. They read the clue, and they decide. "You want it?" "Sure, I'll do it." "Okay." Rob climbs on the camel and observes, "These things [camels] are not designed for the male anatomy. Family jewels? Not havin' fun." Dude! Rob needs First Aid, and the line forms on the left. Ahem. Sorry.

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