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Desert Storm

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I'd walk a mile for a Camel

Team Danza pulls up to talk to a guy along the road. Margarita's French comes in handy again as they ask for directions.

Somewhere, Paul notices that there are people "out in the middle of nowhere" in the desert -- you know, people who live and work in the country he's visiting -- who he opines "have gotta be crazy." Paul then pauses to think, and says, "I gotta be crazy, I'm sittin' here in the middle of the desert, drivin' around in circles." Amie hops out to ask a guy for directions, and presumably because he at least tries to help her, she manages not to yell at him about how it is that he doesn't know where things are, as she did with the woman in Zambia in the first episode.

Back in the temporarily halted Danza-mobile, Margarita continues with the French, and is told that where she and LPFrank are is the "deep south." Mmm, mint juleps.

As Kevin rides the camel, he comments to the walking Drew, "Eh, you got screwed on this one, huh?" Walking Drew replies, "Oh, did I get screwed! I get screwed on every one. Carry the torch, burn my arm, walk a camel with you sittin' on top of it…" Kevin breaks in. "You know what I want to know? Is how in the hell am I gonna get down from here?" The sun beats down. "Drew, come on, it's gettin' hot up here," Kevin says, wanting Drew to move Shecky along to the oasis. "I'm gonna kill you when you get offa this thing," Drew replies. Finally, they make it to the flag, and Drew pulls down on the rope so that Kevin can get down from the camel. They get a new compass reading and instructions to find another flag flying over the "oasis campground." Said campground, we are Philled in, is the pit stop of the week. Last team in is a rotten egg.

Drew and Kevin continue to gripe at each other as they get the camel back up on its feet. This time, there's no visual contact, so I suppose they actually have to use the compass. Imagine that.

Esquire. As we come up on them in the car, I suddenly realize why I object to this damn hat Rob is still wearing. It's because this trip, and these guys in particular, are begging for a beat-up Indiana Jones fedora. If Rob, in this shot, were wearing a beat-up Indiana Jones fedora instead of this goofy little garden-party let's-go-on-a-safari thing, suffice it to say that the situation would be completely different. There's nothing wrong with the hat itself, exactly; it's just the simple economics of opportunity costs. I feel better understanding this. It's the small things in life, really.

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