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I'd walk a mile for a Camel

Drew says that he supposes they already chose who was going to do it, although he doesn't "want to walk along here with the scorpions." To prepare for the walk, Drew ties his trusty yellow hanky over his face. Phil voices-over that temperatures are "soaring over 100 degrees," which looks pretty bad, since all these folks have been in their coats for the last few days. In the newest version of "to spend fifty bucks or not to spend fifty bucks," the teams have the option to hire a "camel handler" to help control the camel, or to just try to self-wrangle it. Approaching the waiting camels and wranglers, Kevin remarks, "This doesn't look like an English-speaking crowd up here, and they're gonna tell me to get on a camel." Nevertheless, as he approaches and says "Hello" and asks about the camel, he gets a "yeah, yeah" back. "One camel," Drew orders, right at home, just like he's getting a pepperoni pizza. "All right, very good," Kevin reassures himself as he sizes up the transportation. As Kevin climbs on, Drew asks him, "And you know what to do?" "Well, uh, no," Kevin says plainly. At this juncture, the camel loudly makes a comment that I think is best reproduced as "Mwaaaaaaa." This camel clearly needs an agent, because his comic timing is impeccable. Kev: "He's not happy. Not a happy camel." As soon as the camel stands up, Kevin can see the flag. It's frankly not very far. Thus, rather than using the compass readings, you can just kinda aim for the flag, which isn't as interesting. As Drew scampers off, Kevin calls him back, pointing out that Shecky the Comedy Camel, who is not scheduled to share in the million dollars, is surprisingly uninterested in walking toward the flag. Drew tells him to "steer" Shecky like a horse. Shecky's all, "Do I look like Mr. Ed to you?" Drew grabs the rope around Shecky's neck. "Gimme this thing, you're an idiot. You never rode a horse before?" Shecky continues to resist. "You see?" Kevin retorts. "He's gonna let you do it now, huh?"

Somewhere, Karyn and Lenny stop their SUV. It's hard to tell, as I've already said, exactly what's going on with the driving around, but the long and the short of it is that these two are figuring out that they're not where they need to be, and Karyn blames Lenny. That certainly is quite a surprise. In what I can only sadly describe as her usual way, she passive-aggressives over the situation by agreeing to do what Lenny thinks they should do, while making it clear that he's responsible for what happens to them now. Lenny's voice-over says that he wants them to "stay in a positive frame of mind." If he can show me one time during this race when he and Karyn have been in a positive frame of mind, perhaps the word "stay" will make more sense.

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