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I'd walk a mile for a Camel

Lenny and Karyn, talking about "the last yellow rock." It's very hard to follow, but they're not doing too well.

Margarita is trying to figure out how to use a compass. She has the red needle lined up with the N, and now she's trying to figure out what that means. "How does that indicate where we're going?" she asks. Eek! How do you explain that from the front seat where Frank is? When the red needle is on the N, the compass reflects, you know, the actual state of things, Margarita! Even I know that, and all I ever did in Brownies was learn to make rock paperweights and administer CPR.

Lenny and Karyn pass Frank and Margarita going the opposite direction. Hard to know for whom that's bad news, because they're both having bad days, basically. "[Frank and Margarita] already came from this way," Karyn says in a guarded tone. "What the hell is going on?" No kidding. This whole sequence is hard to figure out, in terms of whether teams are doing what they should be doing. The information with which we're provided needs something right along here, but I'm not sure what it is. I may need a map and a compass myself.

Esquire. They find the same little roadside building Kev and Drew found, and they look for a flag, too. None is evident.

Over at Team Cockroach, Paul is berating Amie for being sick. Sad, but true. "Can you hold the compass, or you can't do that?" he asks, as she tries not to throw up again. He explains about lining up the red needle and the N, and then he makes all sorts of comments about whether she can "figure that out" or whether it's "too hard." Sort of unkind, there, Paul. I'm not sure he can see how green around the gills she really is.

Momily. "We haven't seen a yellow stone in maahles and maahles," Nancy drawls, "so we're starting to get kind of anxious about that, but every now and then up here we catch a reflection, and we think that's the reflection of someone else's vehicle." This last word, of course, is pronounced vee-hicle, with the "h" hit as hard as heck.

"Who's behind us?" Joe snots. "This is, um…Emily and Nancy?" Bill, a little slow, says, "Can you see a car?"

Kevin and Drew spot the next route marker, and their ride turns especially uneven as they approach. "Easy, easy…shake and bake, baby," Drew comments as he's tossed around the car. A group of locals and camels await the Shower-Fresh boys as they pull up to the marker. "Stop, stop, stop," Drew says to the driver. "Drew, one time, he can hear you," Kevin admonishes. Well, well, well, isn't this a reversal of fortunes for Kevin, who once wanted to yell impatiently while Drew tried to be "affable and friendly"? Drew grabs the envelope for this week's roadblock, which offers, as always, a clue as to which team member should take on the task. "Who wants to go for a ride?" it says. The boys go back and forth a little, and Kevin agrees that he'll take on this week's challenge. When they open the complete directions, they learn that the challenge is to ride a camel to a flag "flying in the distance," for which they're given a particular compass reading. The catch? "The player who doesn't ride must walk alongside you." So, basically, the person who does not perform the task (which is the riding) has what's actually the much harder job of leading the camel and walking in the desert. Very diabolical on the part of the producers, and it's interesting to wonder whether they did this to foil some of the teams that have leaned heavily on one member (like Momily, where Emily has performed every roadblock so far, or Danza, where Frank has done them all).

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