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I'd walk a mile for a Camel

The Guidos are talking about how they're fine with being in second place (which is SUCH a lie). "The only other thing," they say, apparently not having paid attention at the last pit stop, "is what happened to Brennan and Rob?"

Speaking of whom, here are the boys now. And the hat. They pick up their W-T and start looking. I have to say that Rob and Brennan proceed to do a rather poor job of looking for the W-T, with way too much climbing around to peek in corners where, if the W-T was in there, they'd be able to hear it talking back to them. Geez, I'm spending way too much time analyzing strategy. I need to take up needlepoint.

Karyn finds the W-T. Thank goodness another Lenny/Karyn misadventure has come to an end. They're off.

Esquire is wandering aimlessly. For whatever reason, they don't seem to be chattering constantly into the W-T the way they should be. Did they not get the game? It kinda makes a girl wonder.

In their cab, Lenny and Karyn stare at each other grimly. Finally, he raises a cheerless palm to her, and she high-fives him. Well, she sort of weak-fives him. You can try to pull something nice out of that, but I'm unable to. It looks sad to me.

The lawyers are still kinda roaming around, and still not chattering. TALK! INTO! THE! WALKIE-TALKIE! WALK! TALK! THUS THE NAME! What is with these guys, anyway?

Nancy and Emily are bickering as they drive, but they're doing okay. Mom is looking for stones, Emily's looking at the compass. Or so it appears.

More Esquire madness. Now at least Brennan has the W-T, and he's talking into it. "Hello? Hello? Hello?" Yeah, no kidding. That's what I've been yelling to you guys for quite a while now.

Kevin and Drew come across what looks like a little store out in the middle of the desert. Drew goes in to look around and see if there's a route marker, and there isn't. As he exits, though, he calls out, "Oh, geez, look at the size of these spiders! Holy mackerel!" (Does anybody say "holy mackerel" anymore? I mean, except Batman, when he sees some sort of fish-related felony being committed? ["My dad does, but that really proves your point." -- Sars]) He sort of delicately dances across what I guess is a spider-infested stretch of sand until he approaches the car. "Kev, I don't see anything except huge, huge, huge spiders!" Kevin thinks it's a sign that they're supposed to get going. Hee!

In a rather shocking Danza moment, Margarita points out to LPFrank that she's right about something, and he pauses to listen to her. "Look at me, just relax," she says calmly, and he does. Okay, I’m reporting this to the authorities, because something is unbalancing Loud Pushy Frank's personality. Well, you know, "unbalancing" in the sense of "balancing." Frank explains that it's about "two people cooperating." Margarita explains in an interview that she and The Frank Formerly Known As Loud And Pushy are "learning how to be teammates instead of, you know, rivals, because it's really easy to become rivals in a relationship." That's an interesting point, actually.

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