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Out in the parking lot, Rob (dryly -- or stupidly, depending on how you read him) observes, "We got to be a little quicker, I think. I think we're taking our time too much." Heh. They walk in. Gretchen and Meredith are here, finally, as well. On the shuttle, Rob encourages it to go, and not to stop for the old people calling out for it to stop. The shuttle starts to roll on. "That's too bad," Rob smirks, because he's not at all sorry. "Doggone it," Gretchen says...again. Maybe I should just interpret for you and insert the word she really means. Like so: "[Shit]," Gretchen says.

Commercials. Dove deep conditioning. Now without cucumber porn, unlike some of their sister products.

When we return, the shuttle does in fact stop and let Gretchen and Meredith on, and they ask for United, and Gretchen chastises, "You guys were all saying, 'Go, go, go.'" Well, right. Remember about treachery? Let's not be hypocritical there, lady. They grin broadly and Amber, trying to deflect as gracefully as possible (in my opinion), says, "That's not necessarily true," in a way that basically admits that it is. ["…Race. Shut up, Gretchen." -- Sars]

Lynn and Alex get to American and find that they're way behind a lot of teams, and they're not going to make it on. They run outside and hop on the shuttle, which turns out to be the same one Rob and Amber and Gretchen and Meredith are on. They explain that this flight is full because, while it leaves later, it actually arrives earlier. All of these teams return to United, which is like, "Sure, now you love us." They all get seats.

Brian and Greg get to American and introduce themselves to all the teams already waiting in line there, who have a chance to get on the flight while they don't. Whichever guy winds up talking to whichever of the blondes, he assumes that the blondes are sisters, and is shocked to hear that they aren't. Ryan and Chuck get their flight on American. Uchenna starts counting teams and realizes that there are probably too many teams in front of him for him to make this flight.

Up at the front of the line, Patrick is hugging Debbie and Bianca, and Bianca says that Patrick reminds her of her first boyfriend. "Did he end up being gay?" Patrick asks. "No," she says. "Oh. I am," he says, and...I so feel his pain, but that was..."seamless," not. He laughs, and there's the overused rattlesnake sound, which just stands for all kinds of things these days. He and his mom get ticketed on American. Debbie kisses Bianca on the cheek and hugs her as Bianca says, all Ricky Ricardo, "I love you too, hooo-ney." (Actually, it's all Oswald, is what it is.) And then Brian or Greg turns to Greg or Brian and says, "Those two girls were...never mind." HA! That was awesome. The other of the boys laughs, because girls kissing is hilarious. Bianca and Debbie get on the flight, as do Megan and Heidi. But when Uchenna and Joyce get up there, there are none for them and none for Greg and Brian, so they head for United. There, they successfully get their tickets.

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