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Rob and Amber. He comments that he's "stah-vin'." He jokes -- they're fans of the show; he's joking -- that maybe they should pull over and get something to eat. "This isn't Survivor," he says. "You know, you can eat over here." "I'm looking forward to losing some weight; we need to lose some weight," she says. And it's like they're already married, because by "we"? She totally means "you." Or, kind of, "You, honey."

Megan and Heidi pull over to switch drivers. Heidi remarks, "I'm going to kill someone if I keep driving." Well, really. Heidi interviews that Megan knows her well enough to walk her through it when she's plagued with self-doubt. Or to make her get out of the car.

Elsewhere, Patrick informs us that his "hands are shaking." He says he's really excited. Elsewhere, Ray has forgotten what country they're going to, so Deana reminds him. Brian calls Greg "G" again, so apparently, this is a running thing. Not good at all. Oh, and they missed their exit, so that's even worse. Ron and Kelly talk about nothing interesting at all. Sorry, but it's true. Oh, but she does add in an interview that they are doing the race for my least favorite reason of all -- to see whether they're really "meant to be" or not. Because what better way to determine your suitability for day-to-day circumstances than a test in extraordinary circumstances? She openly hopes for the "fairy-tale ending" in which they get the money and get to be together forever. You don't even need the win for the really important part of the fairy-tale ending, but I don't want to rain on her Rose Bowl parade or anything. They look for the parking lot. Patrick and Susan are arriving there as well, along with Ray and Deana.

Lynn and Alex are passed by Chuck and Ryan. "Oh, it's the hillbillies," Lynn says in frustration. "Oh, those hillbillies," Alex adds dryly. These teams and Debbie and Bianca are pulling in, so there's a whole clump of teams showing up at once, all looking for a shuttle. On the first shuttle are Lynn and Alex, Chuck and Ryan, Patrick and Susan, and Ron and Kelly. Ray and Deana are running for it, and he's telling her to "suck it up." Always fun. Elsewhere, Debbie is unable to get the car key out. Push and turn! Push and turn! Jiggle the steering wheel! Uh...sorry, that's all I know. Uchenna and Joyce are at the airport, too, and they're looking to jump on the shuttle where Lynn is excitedly asking the other lead teams, "Did you guys see the girls almost get in a wreck? That was super-scary!" He says "super-scary" because he can't say what he means, which is "awesome." Ray and Deana and Uchenna and Joyce, by the way, wind up being left behind when the shuttle has no room for them. Everyone is trying to figure out what plane to head for first. Teams have different theories about what to do, but Ron and Kelly, Chuck and Ryan, and Susan and Patrick all want to get off at American, where the shuttle will go first, and see what's what. Lynn and Alex, on the other hand, want to go on United.

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