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Susan and Patrick, you're team number two. Susan snorfles that she thought they were first. Oh, quiet. ["Again: it's the first leg. Shut up, Susan." -- Sars]

Welcome, Rob and Amber, you are team number three. Phil congratulates them on moving up from the back of the pack, and indeed, they look satisfied. Interestingly, despite losing their lead solely based on luck, they manage not to complain about not being first.

Brian and Greg, you are team number four. "Yeah, buddy!" Lynn and Alex, you are team number five.

Uchenna and Joyce are chatting with Ray and Deana about being out ahead of the last three teams. Speaking of whom, those last three teams -- Chuck and Ryan, Megan and Heidi, Ron and Kelly -- all get on the same truck. And they know that in all likelihood, it's going to be one of them finishing last. Ray and Deana and Uchenna and Joyce agree to work together at the marketplace, which they do. They find the clue box in a short time, but Ray and Deana don't go to a lot of trouble to find their "partners," so they take off without finding Uchenna and Joyce. When the latter realize that they've been ditched, they are not extremely happy, but fortunately, finding the clue doesn't take them very long. So they head out in eighth place.

Much to my amusement, and really for no reason, Ryan and Chuck are singing "She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain" in the delivery truck. Hick singing is the sort of thing that doesn't mean anything, and yet should happen in every episode, because it makes the world a better place. And then the trailing teams are all at the market, all looking for the clue. Ryan and Chuck find it first, but all three teams are basically bunched up as they leave the market, with Ryan and Chuck holding a slight lead.

Meredith and Gretchen, you are team number six. Right in the middle of the pack. Feels good. Ray and Deana, you are team number seven. "That's good enough," she chuckles. "No, it's not," he says, in a way that does not bode well for the season at all. "First leg we made a lot of mistakes," he says tightly. Argh. Early hate is growing.

Welcome, Uchenna and Joyce, you are team number eight. They really are happy, because it's good enough for them. Phil asks them if they'd like a llama for a pet, and they laugh and say they would not. This show is totally going to get a letter from the Llama Association about how llamas do a lot more than spit and make great pets, thank you very much.

There's no really great way to recap what occurs with the final three teams, because there's not much to it. In a sequence that shows that, within reason, luck does play some part in the game -- although none of these teams would be in this position had they run a better leg -- Ryan and Chuck's cab driver is just slower than everyone else's, and they get passed by both teams on the way to the pit stop. Ron crows about how they'll be paying their taxi driver for being "willing to go the extra mile," and I just hate having it go this way, because it looks like it's a combination of being willing to speed, which you are not supposed to do, and being willing to drive unsafely in mountains, which I'm also not crazy about. It's just a dumb way for an otherwise good and meritorious leg to end.

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