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Peru-ff beyond a reasonable doubt

Meredith and Gretchen find the market clue box. Sixth place heading for the pit stop.

Ultimately, Ray and Deana are joined in their truck by Uchenna and Joyce, but they get away before Chuck and Ryan or Ron and Kelly can get on board. So that leaves those two teams trailing, along with, presumably, Megan and Heidi.

Patrick, in his cab, is talking about how he can't believe it's down to him and his mom and...Rob and Amber. You can tell he thinks it' know, more special that way. On the way to the pit stop, Rob and Amber's cab takes a different route than Patrick and Susan's. And...Rob and Amber's cab gets stuck behind another car. "This might cost us our lead," Rob observes.

Commercials. I love mysterious medication commercials. I like to think they're all secretly for pot.

When we return, Rob and Amber are still stuck, and they don't realize that they're the only ones stuck, because the other teams went a different way. But Patrick and Susan are in different traffic, and when Susan gets all, "Damn, damn, damn," Patrick tells her not to whine. And I kind of don't care for it from either of them, because she shouldn't be whining about not being first, but he shouldn't be telling his mother not to whine when he's been bitching about Rob and Amber since the first minute. Debbie and Bianca are on their way as well. Susan is still upset that "it came down to a taxi ride."

In his traffic car, Rob takes matters into his own hands and hops out to push the stalled vehicle out of the way. "Honey, come on. Push this car," he says. And see, I love that about him. Not because he's ordering her around, but because he hasn't got a speck of "she sits in the car and steers while I show off what a stud I am." They have a certain in-it-together quality that I like that feels very genuine to me. (When they break up two weeks from now, I fully acknowledge everyone's right to chortle behind my back.) When they have the van pushed out of the way, they hop back in the cab and go. "I hope that paid off," Rob says.

Debbie and Bianca and Patrick and Susan are pulling up to the pit stop. Rob and Amber are pulling up. Who will be first? Who? Who? Well, Phil is waiting for someone, and running to the pit stop, it''s...Debbie and Bianca. Oh, ew. And you know what's worse? They win fucking $20,000! Twenty! Thousand! Dollars! That sound you hear is every team that ever worked its ass off to come in first and got jack, grinding its teeth and sending nasty letters to production. Seriously, that is over the top. Ridiculous. Not necessary. They squeal. Boooo!

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