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Peru-ff beyond a reasonable doubt

Bianca hands out bracelets to the people on the truck with her. Friendship bracelets: because international diplomacy never goes out of fashion.

The lead teams look at the marketplace for a clue box, and Patrick and Susan are first to find it, and they do call out for Rob and Amber. The clue sends them to the pit stop, which is at La Merced, located back in Cusco. And as Phil says, the last team to check in will be eliminated. It's the first leg, after all. Susan and Patrick, and then Rob and Amber, get taxis away from the marketplace toward the pit stop. Patrick and Susan seem to be in the lead at first, but then Rob and Amber's cab gets turned around faster and they actually wind up in first place heading for the pit stop. Patrick sulks. I think he's on Lex's payroll. Or maybe one of Alicia's relatives.

Debbie and Bianca show up and find the clue box next. They get a taxi for the pit stop.

On the Truck of Many Boys, Lynn and Alex are singing as Brian and Greg look on, a little bewildered. Oh, and Lynn is "baa"-ing and hugging a sheep. It sounds much weirder than it actually is, although I would repeat that a little of that is going to go a long way, and he'll want to make sure he doesn't drive everyone too crazy. He's almost the kind of person I'd rather watch the show with than watch on the show, if you see my point.

Meredith and Gretchen manage to get tossed around in their truck enough that they break the eggs being carried by one of the locals. Oops. They offer her five bucks, and she looks happy. Way to be a giant honking metaphor for American clumsiness, people.

Ray is still bugging Deana.

Uchenna and Joyce and Chuck and Ryan are playing with llamas. The boys take the approach of moving one llama at a time.

Meanwhile, Ron and Kelly and Megan and Heidi are heading for the baskets, all surprised at the effects of the altitude on their ability to breathe.

At the Pisac market, the Truck of Boys lets Lynn and Alex and Brian and Greg off. The teams seem to kind of agree to cooperate in looking for the clue box, and they actually do. In fourth and fifth place, they read the pit stop clue and leave. In the cab, Lynn says to the cab driver, "muy, muy, muy." And then he pauses. "And...wait, what am I saying? 'Very, very, very'?" Snerk. Well, at least he knows.

Uchenna and Joyce and Chuck and Ryan complete the llama-herding. Ryan and Chuck are slightly behind as they head out. Kelly and Ron and Megan and Heidi finish with the baskets and head for the delivery truck as well.

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