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Peru-ff beyond a reasonable doubt

Joyce and Uchenna zip. "That was fun!" he declares. He is gorgeous, by the way, which I haven't yet mentioned.

And now, Chuck and Ryan are preparing to go. "We're fixin' to jump off the side of the mountain," Ryan says. "We're going to be the first ones to load test it." Heeeeee hee. And there they go. Zip. Zip. Hillbilly music follows as Ryan says he's now waiting "for Fat Boy to come down." More hillbilly music as Chuck zips and Ryan yells out, "Hey, look out for the cactuses!" Yeah, they're shticky, by a lot, but they're also pretty groovy in my book. They agree to rope the llama. Nooo! The baskets aren't that hard! Don't be taken in by the animals!

Kelly and Ron zip. They open the Detour and choose the baskets. Megan and Heidi zip, and they choose the baskets as well.

Meredith and Gretchen complete the llama Detour and head back to the main road.

Ray and Deana are still clunking along with their baskets, and she still swears she's choking. She asks if he can help lift hers up so it's not on her neck, but he tells her he can't, because he has his own to worry about. Finally, they arrive and drop the baskets off. In seventh place at the moment, they get the clue for the police station, where she will probably be investigated with regard to the bruises on her neck.

Meredith and Gretchen hop on their delivery truck, and they narrowly avoid having Ray and Deana make their truck with them. Ray, of course, is unhappy with Deana for making them miss the truck. "Dammit," he says. She tells him that she really was having trouble breathing from the ropes, and he tells her, "Suck it up. Don't complain." Let me translate: "Fuck you. And, fuck you."

Commercials. Do I need a movie with John Travolta and Uma Thurman? I mean, another one?

When we get back, Ray is lecturing Deana in how this is a lesson in how Every Second Counts. I think he needs a lesson in a rope on your trachea.

In the lead delivery truck, Rob says to Susan and Patrick, "You guys are kickin' ass, huh?" Which I think is genuinely a recognition of the fact that the mother and son would not necessarily be anybody's pick of the team to jump out in front in the first leg. Patrick says that Rob and Amber are kicking ass also, and that he wasn't sure if they'd be nice or not. The teams agree to look for the next clue (at the chaotic marketplace) together. Oh, and then Patrick interviews that he's allying with Rob and Amber so that he can be the architect of their destruction later. Patrick? This. Is. Not. That. Kind. Of. Show. That's so idiotic.

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