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Peru-ff beyond a reasonable doubt

Speaking of the pack, Brian and Greg are arriving at the zip line, and Lynn and Alex are looking at the mountains. "Oh, it looks like Splash Mountain!" Lynn observes. Gretchen calls the zip line their "worst fear," really should not do this show if that's the case, but all right. Greg zips. Brian zips. They read the Detour and choose the baskets, taking off almost right away. Alex and Lynn zip behind them. They choose the baskets, or so it appears. And as Gretchen and Meredith prepare to zip, she comments, "Whoa, this is what the kids call wedgies." I wish I kind of could connect with her better, because it's a cute line, but it left me a little bit cold, just because I can't get into a groove of liking her yet. But anyway, she zips, and says "Geronimo," and...a little cheesy, actually saying "Geronimo." And Meredith says "Geronimo," too. I can't get a bead on them at all yet. They open the Detour and choose the llamas, because the carrying sounds a little rough.

Trailing teams are just meeting up with Felipe and getting their clue for the gorge. Uchenna and Joyce, Ryan and Chuck, Ron and Kelly, Heidi and Megan. They all get on the move.

Brian and Greg are strolling with their baskets, calling out to passing children to eat their Wheaties. Snerk. Oh, and "don't do drugs." Hey, it beats handing out American flags.

Lynn fusses with Alex's poncho as they get ready to carry the baskets. The look is everything, you know. They rope up the baskets. Out ahead of them, Brian and Greg drop off their baskets and get the clue for the delivery truck ride.

Meredith and Gretchen work on roping their llamas. When they have them, they start dragging them up the hill. To their credit, they take a different approach than some of the other teams, with him pulling the ropes and her pushing both from behind, so I would give them points for probably finding the best approach to this task of anyone who tried it. I don't think you can just drag the llama.

Deana zips. She loves to go, "Woo!", you can tell. Ray zips. They choose the baskets, because he doesn't want to "wait around and learn how to rope a llama." That's why nobody's educated anymore, man. Nobody will put in the time. As they put on the baskets, she complains that she's choking, but his response is that she needs to "suck it up." Which is the "fuck you" of race partners, incidentally.

As Brian and Greg return from dropping off the baskets, they run into Lynn and Alex headed the other way. "You guys passed it; it's back there," one of the brothers yells out. "Are you kidding me?" Lynn says indignantly. The guys laugh and immediately clarify that they're only kidding. "You bitches!" Lynn yells, in a way that really, really probably shouldn't make me laugh. But does. They ask how much further it is, and Brian (I think?) tells them it's up a little bit and on the left. Lynn and Alex drop off their basket and get going as Brian and Greg are the first team into their delivery truck. They meet up with some kids and introduce themselves. Lynn and Alex then come running up and hop onto the same truck. It leaves.

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