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Peru-ff beyond a reasonable doubt

Debbie and Bianca take the baskets, and it's a good thing, because seriously? Enough whining.

Brian and Greg get their clue from Felipe and head for the gorge. Other teams follow. Old people, gay people, people dating off and know the drill.

Rob and Amber drop off their baskets and get their clue, which tells them to get to the Huambatio police station and hop in a marked delivery truck for a ride down to the town of Pisac. Yeah, he should have pronounced the first syllable more like "War and" and less like "Take a," but hey, nobody's perfect. Phil explains that the delivery truck ride will be about twenty miles, and trucks will depart every twenty minutes. In Pisac, they'll search the hectic streets of a chaotic marketplace (yay!) for a clue box.

Patrick and Susan head their llamas into a pen, and one of the llamas seems to kind of belch-spit on Patrick, leading him to comment, "Oh, yeah, that was ripe." Hee. Elsewhere, Debbie and Bianca are still hauling their baskets, and they pass Rob and Amber near the store. "Keep going, keep going," Rob calls out encouragingly. "Carry it around your neck; it's easier," Amber adds. "That's our good deed for the next thirty days," Rob says once the girls have passed. Well, really. You don't want to hurt yourself.

Patrick is still trying to get the llamas into the pen. "I will stand in front of your face," he says, "and you can blow me with as much snot as you want, if you get in your frickin' pen." Heh heh. I'd really like to like him, and I'd like him to stop obsessing about Rob and Amber and saying foolhardy things like "dumb as a rock," because that's the only way it's going to happen. They finally get their llamas in and get the delivery-truck clue.

Debbie and Bianca drop off their baskets and note that the clue says that no more than three teams can ride in a truck at the same time. As Rob and Amber get into the first truck, they're hoping they'll be in first place and won't have to take anybody with them. For those who thought there was no bunching in this episode, incidentally, there certainly was, and this was where it occurred. Rob and Amber were certainly a few minutes ahead of these other teams, so if anyone was trying to give them any advantage, they certainly would have sent this truck rather than having it wait around. Susan and Patrick are actually the next to get on the truck with Rob and Amber. And actually, Debbie and Bianca don't make it. So the first truck to Pisac contains only Rob and Amber and Patrick and Susan.

Debbie and Bianca are upset. And why? "Rob and Amber are already gone." God. Shut up! Shut up shut up! They get on another truck and note the presence of "roosters and everything." Their truck leaves with no other teams aboard. Which makes sense -- they should still be running an hour and a half or so ahead of the rest of the pack.

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