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As Rob and Amber travel, though, he drops his basket. She navigates him through getting it tied up. I have a feeling that like a lot of people, one of her jobs in the relationship is best describe as spaz-wrangling.

Bianca continues to yank the rope of her poor llama. Debbie says it's "retarded" again, and while I actually am one of those people who believes that (like "gay") "retarded" is a word with a time and place as a pejorative, it's not a great stand-in for "too hard," which is what she means. There's nothing "retarded" about moving animals; she just doesn't know what she's doing, and it would be nice if she saw it that way rather than casting aspersions on the very activity itself. Debbie continues to complain to Bianca, and mentions again how far behind Rob and Amber they are. "Bianca, I'm seriously so furious at you," she declares.

Commercials. Robin Williams is such a distraction to me now that I don't think I can watch an animated movie where he does voices without hearing nothing but Robin Williams All The Time. I just want him to get whatever he's so needy for, so he can stop needing it all the time.

Debbie declares to Bianca that she is not going to do the llama thing. Just not! Not! They decide to switch Detours, and it's just fascinating to me that Debbie, who was the one advocating for just picking the llamas in the first place when Bianca wanted to keep arguing about it, is now pissed off and snotting, "We would have been done," about her belief that they should have done the other Detour. It's incredibly weird how that went down. Bianca went from griping about the length of the walk and thus being kind of pro-llama to actively resisting Debbie's suggestion to go and do the llama thing to sticking with the llama thing after Debbie started complaining about it. Debbie went from pushing the llamas to bitching about the llamas to complaining that they ever tried the llamas. It's like they're both in Memento. ["They're both up my ass, is where they are. This is my least favorite team at the moment. Shut up, Bianca and Debbie." -- Sars]

Susan and Patrick are out in front of their llamas, and dragging them on fairly short spans of rope, which is resulting in their being spit on quite a lot. "Rob and Amber are going to get first," Patrick complains.

And here are Rob and Amber now, ambling into town and looking for the store where they're supposed to drop off their baskets. People shout "arriba, arriba," and Rob asks if it means "fast." Amber claims it does. Doesn't it mean "above"? Not that you'd know it from -- you guessed it -- Speedy Gonzalez cartoons. ["It means 'up' or 'up there.'" -- Sars]

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