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Peru-ff beyond a reasonable doubt

Speaking of whom. Amber zips. Rob zips. "Holy cannoli," he says. Because he is a cliché, more than a little. She does the second zip, then he does, then they rip the clue. They go with the baskets, not to anyone's great surprise.

The second flight, with the other eight teams on it, lands in Cusco. Brian and Greg find the clue box and get going. "Vamanos," one of them says. And then he turns to the other one and says proudly and giddily, "That means 'we go.'" Hee. That was funny, in a way that's kind of hard to explain. Mostly because he does it in a way that's really dorky, and I loooove dorky. The other teams pile out and head for the clue box, and then for their marked taxis. Taxis screech away from the Cusco airport. Ron gets a lesson in how to pronounce "Huambutio," but other than that? Fairly routine stuff.

In Lynn and Alex's cab, Lynn decides to sing: "We are ra-cing in Pe-ru...we are ra-cing in Pe-ru." It's no "New York Jews in Iceland," but it has a certain flair. Various people praise their drivers (as "macho," in Meredith's case) and talk about their determination not to be last. Ryan rattles off quite a bit of Spanish that is horrifically accented, but that his driver seems to understand, shockingly enough. Meredith's driver also understands when he asks in not-terrific Spanish to pass Lynn and Alex.

And now, it's llama time. Debbie and Bianca and Susan and Patrick are both taking on the wildlife option. Debbie starts to complain almost immediately that she "can't do this." Patrick and Susan, on the other hand, decide to find llamas that like them. Patrick needs to stop looking for affirmation, I think, from llamas.

Amber and Rob don their colorful hats and ponchos and prepare to pick up the baskets. "This is nothing, babe, we can do this," he says. As they leave, he comments, "I might have to put my Sox hat on the outside." Heh. And then he says, to the delight of...well, me, "Ah, when in Incaville, do as the Incas, right?" Lex imitates that line for three friends in his living room.

Patrick and Susan are trying to drag their llamas, and Patrick has discovered that there is indeed a spitting issue. Debbie, on the other hand, declares the llama-dragging "retarded," and when Bianca says she thinks it's faster, Debbie very nearly snorts with disdain at the thought. "Rob and Amber probably have the things on their back and are up the hill." And Rob and Amber have designer clothes. And their parents let them go to the concert. And they're allowed to stay up late. Waaaaah!

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