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Debbie and Bianca spend some time crowing about being in first place, and then they hop out of their taxi at Felipe's kiosk and ask him for their clue. When they rip it, it tells them to take a taxi across the bridge to the top of the gorge. Phil explains that at the top of the gorge, they'll take a zip line across the gorge, and then another one to the bottom, where they'll find another clue. Patrick and Susan are next to find the clue. As they're leaving, Rob and Amber are arriving and clue-fetching. "Oh, yes," Patrick says rapturously in the cab. "We keep Rob and Amber behind us!" Bleh. Older than Survivor references? Obsessing about other teams. Run your own race, Young Patrick. Your own race! Back in the cab, Rob talks about being on the side of a mountain, and makes use of "sayonara" in a way that makes me laugh, because he has magical powers. Not generally, but over me, certainly.

Debbie and Bianca talk about being number one again as they get to the zip line, followed by Patrick and Susan and Rob and Amber. Bianca is first on the zip line. Zip! She screams. There's never much to say about zip lining, unfortunately. Debbie zips across the gorge. Bianca zips to the bottom; Debbie zips to the bottom with their next clue. At the bottom, they open the clue, which is for a Detour. The Detour choices are Rope a Llama and Rope a Basket. In llamas, you rope two llamas and move them up a hill into a pen. Not physically taxing, but llamas are stubborn. In baskets, you put on silly hats and sling baskets onto your backs, each carrying 35 pounds of alfalfa two-thirds of a mile, turning it in to a store vendor who will give you your clue. So it's basically a matter of whether you want to use your brute strength or not, particularly with the altitude situation. Also, llamas spit. Just so you know.

Bianca thinks that two-thirds of a mile is a long way, given the altitude. But when Debbie says that's fine and they'll do llamas, Bianca is all, "No, let's keep yakking about it for a long time and lose whatever time advantage we might be able to come up with." Which...that is the one thing you don't do. Take fifteen seconds and pick a thing to do, but don't stand around arguing.

Susan zips. Patrick zips. When he lands, he says, "Oh my God, I'm glad I peed right before I did that." Heh. Susan zips to the bottom, followed by Patrick. When they open the clue, they pick the llamas, as Debbie and Bianca continue to argue. Which is so stupid, because Bianca already said she thought two-thirds of a mile would be hard, and Debbie is saying that's fine and they should do the llamas, so I'm not sure why Bianca is all, "No, no, let's talk more." When they see Patrick and Susan and realize they've already lost some time, however, they join in on the llama-roping fun. Patrick mentions that they're ahead of Rob and Amber.

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