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In the morning, Debbie and Bianca, Susan and Patrick, and Rob and Amber head for the airport to catch the 6:00 AM. Amber -- working a headlamp over a fuzzy hat in a combination that I just don't think is going to work -- comments that while the other teams are being nice to them, she senses that they don't want them around. True, of course. "They don't want us to win again," he says. "That's just too bad for them, isn't it?" And basically, your entire opinion of Boston Rob, I think, comes down to whether you think he's being cocky there, or he's doing himself being cocky. I tend to read it as the second one, and I find it a little funny, but I certainly get how people feel otherwise. These three teams head in as 7:00 AM flyers begin to arrive, followed by 7:40 flyers. The 6:00 AM leaves as planned, but then there is bad news about the 7:00 AM. As it turns out, the 7:00 AM has been delayed. Like, a lot. By what are referred to as "technical difficulties," which makes me think it's a problem with the vertical hold or something. I've never heard a plane referred to as having "technical difficulties." The way it works out, the 7:00 AM plane is screwed enough that it's now going to leave behind the 7:40, so all the stupid people are not going to pay for their stupidity, which is really fucking frustrating. Megan and Heidi are all hugging and "Eeeee!", and I kind of hate them now. I mean, more.

Commercials. Wow. A movie called Spring Break Shark Attack. I almost can't not watch that. I hope everyone gets eaten.

Back at the Airport Lounge of Totally Unfair Developments, the people from the theoretically better flight are now battling to get on the theoretically worse flight. "Listen to me," Gretchen says to Deana, Lynn, and Alex. "Get used to being burned. It's going to happen a lot." Yeah, thanks, wise old lady who dug in the 7:40 AM pile and is benefiting from all this and therefore can kind of afford to be smug about it. As it turns out, they all do get on the 7:40, so aside from the three lead teams on that 6:00 AM flight, everybody else is in a big tie, and is more than an hour and a half back. Bunch-errific! But sort of by accident, in fairness.

The first flight lands in Cusco, and people talk almost immediately about feeling odd from the altitude adjustment. Bianca claims that she and Debbie feel "lightheaded," which they chalk up to the altitude and I...don't. They all buy some coca tea, which is apparently what you're supposed to drink for altitude sickness. And if you're waiting for that storyline to pay off, it's not going to. The teams get to the clue box and rip the next clue. It tells them to get themselves to Huambutio, where there's a kiosk owned by a gentleman who will give them their next clue. As the clue instructs, the teams head for "marked taxis," and they get going. Debbie's Spanish appears to be serving her well, although she seems to use the familiar forms of address on everyone. And Rob and Amber, on the way, admire the mountains. Which, again, I think is cool.

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