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Commercials. Hey, Gran Turismo! It's so hip and urban.

When we return, Ray is putting it into Ron's head that Debbie and Bianca might have given him a bum steer intentionally. "Oh, I'm sure they did," Ron says. The guys chuckle, and they're all "game on," and you can tell that they have decided that they are Guys, and Guys have to stick together and so forth. You can just kind of tell. Guys are Guys, after all.

Brian and Greg arrive in Ancon. They rickshaw it to the beach. They note that of the three piles of sand, one has no tickets left, one has one ticket, and one has three. That should tell you something is amiss, of course. When they see that there's only one left for 7:40, they head off to look at the last pile, assuming it will be even later, since it has three ticket markers left. When they get there, they look, and note that it's for 7:00. "Isn't 7:00 before 7:40?" one of them asks as they survey the pile of sand. "Where I grew up, yeah," comes the reply. Hee hee. They dig and find a ticket.

Lynn and Alex wind up on a motorized rickshaw -- more like what this show would traditionally tell you is a tuk-tuk -- and head to the beach. Meredith and Gretchen follow. In last place are Uchenna and Joyce. Lynn and Alex take something of a roundabout route, so they have to run farther to the beach. Lynn is making me nervous, running with his shoes off. Lynn and Alex go to the 7:00 pile, while Meredith and Gretchen -- for no apparent reason -- stop at the 7:40 pile. Uchenna and Joyce are still aiming for the beach as Meredith and Gretchen get the worst ticket left. They do go and check the other pile once it's too late, and they note this to the camera afterwards. "Well, but we didn't know," Gretchen says. Which is kind of...why you check, homes. But anyway. Uchenna and Joyce dig for the last ticket left, which is for the 7:00 AM flight. Of course, Uchenna gives his competition too much credit, assuming they're "definitely last." Which would make perfect sense if everyone else weren't kind of doofy, which they are.

So, in brief, teams who showed signs of serious stupidity there: Meredith and Gretchen, Ryan and Chuck, Ron and Kelly, Heidi and Megan. Stupidity, I'm saying. It's not like only one of those teams blew it, either. Four out of eleven teams -- FOUR OUT OF ELEVEN! -- took a later flight when an earlier one was available and could have been theirs for the asking had they just looked. That is kind of depressing and inauspicious.

It gets to be evening, and everyone sits on the beach around a fire. Not unreasonably, Rob mentions that this kind of reminded him of Survivor, and he was sure everyone would be plotting against him. Nicely, this comes at the close of the first hour, just about, so I'm throwing out all Survivor references as introductory to this point, and after the first hour, I don't want to hear a whole hell of a lot about it, mostly because it sets off a firestorm in the forums, which is a huge pain in the behind for me, and really? All about me.

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