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Weeeeell, it just might be Rob and Amber, because here they come with Craig now. They hop out at the beach and run to the sand piles. Because two teams are in front of them who are already done, and because the 6:00 AM pile has already been dug through, Rob concludes that it pretty much has to be the earliest one, which is giving other teams way too much credit, but of course, he's right that this should be the case, provided the other teams checked. I suppose with other teams hot on their tails, it might have been a worthwhile gamble. Rob and Amber dig, and are surprised to be joined next by Ray and Deana, whom they know were on the first flight to Lima and should rightly be ahead of them. Now, these two teams are in a dig-off for the last 6:00 AM ticket. Megan and Heidi come next, and Bianca or Debbie yells out, in that way women do when they're trying to disassociate themselves from women they've decided are less cool than they are, "Go, blondies!" Yeah, "blondies." Right out loud, to their faces. Nice. Megan and Heidi run right by the 6:00 AM pile just as Rob finds the last 6:00 AM ticket. "By the skin of our teeth," says Boston Rob.

Megan and Heidi next find the 7:40, and although Megan wants to check the time on the other pile, Heidi blows her off. "We came here first; let's just do this one." Uh...okay. Great plan! If you don't care about, like, being in last place. Whatever. Rob and Amber share a happy moment regarding their good fortune. And he kisses her on the forehead again. And "aw, yeah" again. They read the clue about the high altitude. Bianca says that if they could have chosen anybody else or Amber and Rob, they'd have chosen anybody else. Good thing they're not the bosses of the race, then, isn't it? Good Lord. Patrick was telling Bianca about Rob from Survivor, so she obviously doesn't even know anything about them, so what's twisting her undies already? Shut up.

Ray and Deana are digging in the 7:00 pile, while Megan and Heidi madly dig in the 7:40 pile. And here come Ryan and Chuck. And for whatever reason, they run right up to Megan and Heidi and start digging. Without checking. Fools. "What's the other times, y'all? Did y'all check?" The girls admit that they just picked a pile at random. This does not make Ryan and Chuck go and check the other times, which is very disappointing.

Ron and Kelly show up, and as they run by, Bianca (I think) calls out, "There's 7:00 and 7:40 left, we think. Go to the one where the blonde girls are, the middle one." Now that just makes no sense, because on the one hand, she gave them the times, so she doesn't seem to be trying to fool them, but why did she tell them to go to the wrong one? I wonder if she didn't just forget which pile was which, because it wouldn't make a hell of a lot of sense for her to give the times and then send them to a pile clearly marked "7:40." But Ron and Kelly don't check and don't process any of what they were told besides "middle," so they join the hunt with Ryan and Chuck and Megan and Heidi for the suck-ass tickets. Elsewhere, Deana finds a ticket at 7:00. And then Ryan and Chuck find a ticket at 7:40, and it's kind of depressing watching them celebrate, because...yeah. Nothing to celebrate, y'all. You're in LAST. Ron and Kelly and Megan and Heidi get 7:40 tickets, too, and after it's already too late, Kelly says they should go over and look at the third pile. Yeah. Good thinking. Of course, when they get there, they see that it's 7:00, so Kelly declares, "Can't trust them at all." Which is kind of bullshit, because it's not like they didn't say "7:00 and 7:40." Because they did. ["And who cares what they said anyway? Do your own homework, Kelly." -- Sars]

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