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Peru-ff beyond a reasonable doubt

Debbie/Bianca/Susan/Patrick arrive at the sand piles at Playa Hermosa. They remind themselves of the task, which is to search the three piles of sand for tickets. Now, what you do in this task is run to all three piles and see what the times are before you randomly choose one and start digging. Because you don't know what the times are, so you don't know which one is best until you look. Got it? Okay. Debbie and Bianca first look at the 6:00 AM, then at the 7:40 AM, then at the 7:00 AM. So they run back to the 6:00 AM. They fill in Patrick and Susan, and those two teams go and dig in the 6:00 AM pile.

Rob and Amber and their Fern show up next, and as Craig explains how to get to the beach, Rob says, "Thank Gawwd, can you imagine if we didn't find this guy?" Hee. Of course, the fact of the matter is that other teams didn't struggle much with finding the beach, so they probably would have anyway, but it's good to be gracious and grateful. And incidentally, nobody is really cocky who says, "Can you imagine if we didn't find this guy?" Because it means, "We got very lucky."

The famous Third Bus of Bafflement-Induced Delay rolls up to Playa Hermosa. Ray/Deana, Ryan/Chuck, Megan/Heidi, and Ron/Kelly (really bugging me with that "Former POW/Pageant Queen" label, bleh) get in rickshaws for the beach. Poor Ryan and Chuck are taxing their rickshaw guy a little bit, even before they start yelling, "Beep beep beep beep beep!" Which they do. And Ron and Kelly say, "Arriba, arriba," because they also? Watched cartoons. Deana has the nerve to comment on how pretty the beach is, and Ray says tightly, "It is. I agree. I'll appreciate it after we get over there." Dude. You are in a rickshaw. You can do nothing. You might as well enjoy it now, no?

"He ain't got but one gear, brother," says Ryan or Chuck to Chuck or Ryan. "We'll get out and run if we need to," the other one says. "Yeah, we'll pull it," comes the response. They're probably kidding. Oh, wait. They're not. Because the next thing you know, here they are, running alongside their rickshaw. Heeee hee. "The high side!" they call out as they pass. "Clear on the high side!" Oh, man. That is some serious comedy. And then one of them says, "Hop on! Ah'm about ta die!" So they do. You should always hop on before you die.

Debbie and Bianca comment that the clues are really buried in the sand. Debbie unearths a ticket first. It comes with a clue that explains that their flight will be to "the mountain village of Cusco," where, as Phil explains, they will find themselves at an altitude of almost 11,000 feet. When they get there, they'll get another clue. Back at the sand pile, Patrick finds a ticket. The teams also learn that the flight is in the morning, and they'll be spending the night on the beach. They note that only one other team will make the 6:00 AM flight, and they wonder who it will be.

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