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Commercials. Have a Tylenol. No, seriously. Have one. Have several.

Ray and Deana and their Posse of Misery ask another guy about a bus to Ancon. Yeah, he doesn't know. But finally, Ryan and Chuck ask the right street vendor, and they get themselves pointed toward the buses. Ultimately, Ray and Deana, Ron and Kelly, Ryan and Chuck, and Megan and Heidi all wind up on the "3rd Bus to Ancon." That certainly took a while.

At the Plaza de Armas, Brian and Greg (whom I am nowhere near being able to identify individually) are looking for the clue box. They, along with Lynn and Alex, find a guy who takes them to the right spot. Uchenna and Joyce and Meredith and Gretchen are nearby as well, and then there is a shot of their local guide flipping and jumping down the street in one of those moments that nobody could have written into anything, but here's a guy who's going to be on TV, so why not show off your gymnastics? They're lucky more gate agents don't sing.

Ancon. Beaches. Surfing. Parasailing. Susan and Patrick and Debbie and Bianca hop off the bus and look for Playa Hermosa. They get into rickshaws and head out. Bianca and Debbie enjoy saying "andale, andale" to their rickshaw driver. Ah, yes. The touchstone of American cultural experience: Speedy Gonzales cartoons. And then Debbie reaches over and gives Bianca a big, noisy kiss on the cheek, which I'm sure does not escape the attention of their driver. "Te amo," Debbie intones. That is just getting stupid and show-offy.

Next to arrive at the beach are Rob and Amber, who hop into their rickshaw along with Craig the Fern. "You know what?" Rob says as they drive along. "This is pretty nice. I'm havin' fun." And...again, I admire that in anybody.

On the third bus to Ancon, there is tension. Probably because these people know they totally lagged getting on buses, and they're not sure where they stand. Ray interviews that they saw all sorts of things in Lima, and it put it all in perspective, and you can kind of tell he really wants that part to get on TV as he compares the unimportance of racing to the human spirit and blah dee blah he really, really loves the downtrodden. Much more than the girl he's "dating off and on."

With the help of their local, Lynn and Alex and Brian and Greg find the Plaza de Armas, followed by Uchenna and Joyce and Meredith and Gretchen. Their local is still with Brian and Greg, and directs them to the buses to Ancon. He even explains to Uchenna and Joyce -- very cleverly, with counting that they'll understand -- that it's five blocks up to the bus. Uchenna and Joyce decide to run the five blocks to the buses. Other teams, however, decide to take cabs. Cabs? Five blocks? That's totally weird. It's five blocks! What show do they think this is? Lynn and Alex get another local who agrees to take them directly to the buses. Brian and Greg are the only ones on the fourth bus, and then Lynn fans himself and comments, sort of apropos of nothing, that "it is a million caliento." Which kind of means nothing, and yet unmistakably gets his point across. Oh, language, you lovable scamp. They hop on the bus and go. Meredith and Gretchen get on the next bus, with Meredith wiping out on the way over, and as he grasps anything and everything while falling, he narrowly avoids a very very close encounter with parts of his bus driver. He says if they survive the day, it will be the damnedest day of their lives. Well. Uchenna and Joyce get the next bus.

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