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Peru-ff beyond a reasonable doubt

Uchenna comments that now approaching is what he emphatically calls a "big bus," so pretty clearly, the Racers have figured out that there are both big buses and small, shuttle-y buses. They note that nobody is on this one yet, so all the teams get on. Elsewhere, Rob and Amber and their Fern get to the Plaza de Armas and start looking for the clue box. "Wow, look at this place, huh?" Rob comments admiringly, point for enjoying the ride. They run to the box and pull the clue. They ask another guy how to get to Ancon, and he tells them to find a bus and go north. "We got all of Peru workin' for us!" Rob says happily, delighted about all the kindness of international strangers.

On the Debbie/Bianca/Susan/Patrick bus, they're chatting about -- what else? -- Patrick's favorite subject: Rob and Amber. Patrick tells the girls that he watched Survivor, and Rob is "dumb as a rock." Which means that either Patrick didn't actually watch Survivor, didn't watch All-Stars, doesn't know the difference between smart and dumb, or thinks rocks are smart. Because Rob is a lot of things, including many things that many people understandably dislike, but he is certainly not "dumb." I'm of the opinion that much of that perception is the result of the fact that he has a strong accent that is associated with a working-class population rather than an upper-class population. If Rob talked like a rich New Englander rather than like a guy who works construction in Boston? Nobody would think he was dumb. It's classist, to me, even though I'm not all that into hunting for bad intentions everywhere. But Bianca is happy to hear how dumb Rob is. "He can't put a sentence together," Patrick claims, totally falsely. That's absurd. Again, that's the accent. Rob is at least at the 75th percentile of articulateness among reality show contestants.

Speaking of which, he gives Amber a smooch on the forehead (aw, yeah) as they wait for a bus to Ancon. And then they hop on board. And again, Amber explains on the bus that their Fern (whose name is actually Craig) has convinced the bus driver not to pick up any more people, but just drop people off, so they'll be getting there faster. Apparently, they paid 30 dollars for the privilege, so depending on how tight money is, that might be worth it. Ryan and Chuck, Ron and Kelly, Megan and Heidi, and Ray and Deana are still looking for a bus to Ancon. I'm not sure what those people are doing, but they have done a supremely poor job of getting themselves onto a bus. And now, panic is setting in. I love it when panic sets in! That's when the fun starts. And the crying.

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