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Peru-ff beyond a reasonable doubt

People wait for their various planes to take off. Both flights load up. As Ray and Ron (oy) talk at the gate, Ron decides there's no place like an airport to tell Ray that he was a POW, even though he says that he's not sure he wants everyone to know. Just his close personal friends from the first ten minutes, like Ray, and only in the right setting, like at the gate before the flight leaves. "No kidding," Ray says, just like Ron had just told him that he was a triathlon champion. Ron says that's why he came on the race. And he goes on to say that if he wins, he'll be giving the money to disabled veterans. And you won't find a more worthy (or in need) cause anywhere, pretty much, but...cheeeeesy. I mean, really. What's the point of hauling that out right now? Nothing, is what the point is. Ray, of course, says Ron has his respect, and they shake hands. Which must be really meaningful to Ron, since Ray had basically no choice.

Commercials. Weird things were afoot with my TV during this commercial break, so there's not that much I can tell you. Except that, of course.

In Lima, the teams from the American flight make it out of the airport and onto a bus. Ron mentions that Lima reminds him of Baghdad, and I can honestly tell you that I really, really hope that's the last reference like that. Because I really don't want to hear about how every town reminds him of Baghdad. Not because it's not probably true, but because it's tacky. Susan says that life looks very different in Lima from what she's used to.

The teams start looking for someone who can tell them how to get to the Plaza de Armas. It is right along here that Bitter says, "The soldier runs like a girl." And M. Giant and Trash say, at precisely the same moment, "That's probably how he got caught." And then we all go to hell, so no one sees the rest of this episode at all. The end.

Not really. Anyway, running, running, running. The teams make it to Plaza de Armas, and they find a green clue box. When they rip it, it says that they have to take a bus to Ancon. Phil says that when they get to Ancon, they have to take a rickshaw to the beach known as Playa Hermosa. There, they'll find three piles of sand hiding airline tickets with the familiar first-episode thing where you get one of several possible departure times and it's all about looking for the best possible one. You know that game, right? Sure you do. Anyway, the departure times are 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM, and 7:40 AM, headed for Cusco, Peru. And once you dig up a ticket and claim it, you can't trade it in.

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