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8:15 AM. Momily. (Only a half hour after the Frats, I'd point out. Momily may not have been quite as justified as it seemed like they were last week in assuming that they were obviously eliminated.) Emily, in her Interview Of Loveliness, explains that she didn't think they'd last long (and come on, admit it, you didn't either, and neither did I), but they've "shocked [them]selves," and she wants them to just keep on doing it. For the record, Emily looks like a million bucks in this shot. Cute as a button with her little sunglasses on top of her head. At the Taj Mahal, they get their tickets and enter.

Frats, hunting for the clue. Drew thinks it's inside. Kevin thinks it's outside. The boys are bickering, with perhaps slightly more edge than usual, though it's hard to tell. Drew briefly breaks a rule (mentioned in the clue) that there is absolutely no running on the Taj Mahal grounds. He's really just trotting, but still, Drew? Quit it. It says "no running," so don't run. They spot Momily, and Drew says, "Dammit." Drew is definitely not his customary low-key self. At last, they find the clue. As they walk away with it, Kevin says uncertainly, "There's Nancy and Emily." "Don't tell them where it is. We can't," Drew says flatly, putting their route marker in the back of his waistband. "We can't." I know this probably didn't go over well with a lot of folks, but quite frankly, it was bound to come to this, and I'm sure Momily knew it. At some point, you have to face the fact that everybody else has to lose in order for you to win, and that's what I think just happened. Sad, but true. Doesn't mean they don't love Momily. In fact, I'd say the grumpiness of that exchange gives you an idea of how much they love Momily.

Nancy and Emily spot the clue. "Ooh, last one," Em says with a rueful smile as she pulls it from the box, and Nancy smiles and shakes her head a little. I have to say, considering what a rough go they're having, it's interesting and admirable to me that they are so clearly getting along better and better as they go. They deserve a lot of admiration from people like me who originally declared them out of their minds for doing something so obviously destined to make them hate each other. (One of my friends had a hilarious story about a vacation with his mother where she accidentally fell off the little touristy-boat they were on together…she was fine, but it created tension when they got home and she told his brothers he tried to drown her.)

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