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Guidos, arguing about money. "How much do we have?" Bill asks. "Well, I don't know, I wasn't expecting to spend 2,000 rupees to come in here!" Joe snits. I'm sorry, but given the way we've seen the Guidos spread the money around on this trip, I certainly don't feel sorry for them. (Paris: "Hey, we can have a glass of champagne!")

Frank and Margarita find that the bus to Jaipur runs every half-hour. (They must be cash-poor, too.) Frank voices over that they hadn't really expected a big lead from the Fast Forward. Good thing, too, because they don't have much of a lead. When we see his interview, he reveals his nice, non-annoying smile that he's suddenly picked up. Stop smiling, Stubbly Yummy Frank.

7:44 AM. Shower-Fresh. Continuing today's theme of Men Dressing Weirdly, Kevin is in a long-sleeved white shirt (and khaki shorts), and Drew is in a black muscle shirt (and khaki shorts). As they pile into a cab, Drew tells us that every team left "is a concern." He goes on, "There are very smart, competitive, tough people left on this trip, and I think that if they don't shoot themselves in the foot, this could be a five-way tie for first place." I have to agree with this, in that four of these teams (Shower-Fresh, Guido, Danza, and Esquire) have played extremely well, and Momily has shown a really interesting ability to pull their own feet out of the fire one way or another (including successfully enlisting the help of others, which is of course its own strategy). I do have to say that the Frats look a little worn around the edges this week. My sense is that the whole poverty-and-little-kids thing took a big toll, particularly on Drew. I think the guy wants out of India.

Guidos, haggling with a cab driver for a trip to the bus station. Once inside, they start fretting over money. "We're screwed," they both say after they count their money. Heeee hee hee! Random Joyful Moment!

Drew and Kevin, also sad about how much it costs to get into the Taj Mahal. Esquire, finding the clue. Have I mentioned that they're wearing hats? Frats, searching. Esquire, getting a cab to Jaipur, where Joe and Bill had to take the bus. This is perhaps the money they chose not to use to tip the cab driver back in the first episode.

Bill and Joe, getting ready to get on the bus. They have, of course, missed the one on which Frank and Margarita (so the editing suggests) are now happily sleeping. Ah, Bill and Joe taking the bus. Now THAT is comedy.

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