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Frank and Margarita, cooperating like champs, looking for the clue. I mean, they're bickering a little, too, but it seems a lot more okay than some of the stuff that went on early in the race. Frank: "I just have to trust." I can't take it -- they're trying to break me. Somebody send me some inspirational anti-Frank literature.

6:54 AM. Esquire. Wow, they're only six minutes behind the Guidos? I wonder about time credits, because it looked like it was a lot lighter out when the Guidos got in last week than it was when the boys did. I wonder about those six minutes. Stop and wonder about them with me, won't you? Let's discuss the ins and outs of those six minutes. What's that? You think I'm stalling? Stalling how? Oh, you mean because I don't want to talk about what Esquire's wearing? Yeah, okay, I admit that that's true. Let's just get it over with. They are BOTH wearing the Hating-Hats. Hating-Hat #1? Present. Hating-Hat #2? Same. And I just couldn't hate them any more if they walked up, called me names, and kicked me. (The hats, not the boys.) (Miss Alli's Mom: "I kind of like the hats. They look kind of Australian." Miss Alli: "Whose side are you ON?!" Miss Alli's Mom: "I'm on your side. You're just wrong about the hats.")

Rob voices over that their situation is "precarious," because they're third out of five teams, and they've already used their Fast Forward, so -- aaaaaaaargh! Nooooo! Remember that horrid interview with Rob where his sunglasses are upside down on top of his head? It's freaking BACK. The other part of it was apparently shown out of chronological order, which is just cruel, because I honestly believed that this interview had been consigned to the dustbin of history along with the Muppet shades. No such luck. Oh -- anyway, in content-related, rather than aesthetic, news, Rob goes on in the interview to guess that Esquire won't be in the final round, given the current state of things. Oh, SHUT UP, Rob.

Wherever the cabs to the Taj Mahal are being caught, the boys notice the continuing presence of the Guidos, who are still trying to get their cab to start. "Where the hell's the manager?" Joe asks. He! Is! Furious! He and Bill just decide to walk to the gate (which I think is what Frank and Margarita did in ten minutes, so it's not SO far). Meanwhile, Esquire speeds off in their cab. Yay! And then their cab…goes off in the wrong direction. Boooooo! I'm telling you, it's the Hating-Hats, guys. They're a damn curse.

Danza finds the route marker. Margarita reads it, and it directs them to look for a flag in a window of the Palace of the Winds in Jaipur. The way Margarita slaps the clue, you can see that she's familiar with it. Well -- then she comes right out and says she knows where it is, so…you could probably tell that way, too, if you aren't really perceptive like me. As they leave the Taj Mahal, they start bantering. No! Stop bantering! I love banter! I have no defense against banter! Banter is Miss Alli's Kryptonite! "That was some woman, to make a man build that thing for her," says the Frank Formerly Known As Loud And Pushy. "Would you build that for me, honey?" Margarita says goofily. Frank mimics her, then says, "I got a Lego set that I could do a real good job for you, baby," he says. She does the walk-and-kick, which is always good. "Are you happy you trusted me?" she asks. "Yeah, definitely," he replies. This is a trick. I am NOT rooting for Loud! Pushy! Frank!

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