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Or else I'm a dope.

Joe and Bill at the temple, apparently unfazed by the rat clue. Bill takes it on. Here comes Momily, and Em's doing the rats. The temple seems to be far, far less crowded than it was last night, and I'd also say the rats appear to be having breakfast and aren't running around at ALL the way they were last night. Bill and Emily have a much easier time of it, with far, far fewer rats, and neither of them seems at all bothered, actually. (These are apparently party-at-night, sleep-during-the-day rats, because there's literally one rat visible when they take the clue. There were a zillion when Fratzaesque did it.)

Rush for cabs. Rush through the streets. Rush to the pit stop. Joe and Bill land on the mat, after Bill humorously and completely unnecessarily jumps the ribbon defining the little path up to the mat. (I gotta hand it to Bill…he looks to be in pretty good shape for a Guido.) Welcome, Team Guido, you are team number four. That would be SECOND TO LAST, in case you're wondering. Ha! But hey…what about Momily?

Here they come, tromping up to the mat at last. Welcome, Momily, Phil tells them. You are team number five. BUT! You are not eliminated. It's non-elimination time, kids, so we get to keep Momily for another week. Awww. Yay! They tell Phil that they're happy they weren't eliminated, but they sure would've liked to beat those Guidos.

Now we get a very interesting Emily interview snippet. "I don't know if [Nancy's] going to be ready to be as conniving as I'm prepared to be. And I hate to have to get like that, but if it's getting like that or getting eliminated -- which one am I going to choose? You know, seriously. I think she'll be fine, I mean it may take some getting used to, but in that case, I'm going to have her step aside and let me do the dirty work. It's going to get a little bumpy, I think." Here, Emily does a Meg Ryan nose wrinkle. You know, I think Emily has already been perhaps more clever than she's given credit for. I'm not sure it's a complete mystery to her that if she's adorable and cute enough, young men will come along and want to adopt and help her. If so? More power to her.

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: My ears bleed. Oh, that's the Country Music Awards. Well, the FOLLOWING week: Momily and Guido fight it out for the Fast Forward. Mistakes are made, and something surprising happens, although as usual, I'll be damned if I can figure out what it is from the previews. They want me to think that of the four boys I love in this race, I might lose two. I refuse to think about it.

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