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Everybody opens the clue. Shoes off, socks on, crawl through the rats, grab the clue. Doesn't sound so hard, does it? The task is taken by Miss Margarita (who looks marvelous, incidentally, in the red scarf she's wearing on her head), Kevin, and Brennan. They line up at the door, with Margarita a little ahead of Brennan and Kevin, who are together. (And I have to say, it was nice to see these teams at least be civil and nice to each other, because Danza was getting really peevish last week. We'll just call it Fratzaesque, which SO sounds like the newest special at Little Caesar's.)

Commercials. Hey, eat pizza! What a coincidence!

Midnight Train To Bikaner. (Woo-woo!) Everybody's sleeping.

Inside, there are lots of rats. Like, lots and lots of rats. And if you thought religious rats would look different than other rats -- maybe they'd have little hats on, or they'd wear little gold shoes or something? Think again. Think "rats." Margarita, in a speech I'm also going to give you all of, because it too kicks ass, for what are actually some similar reasons to Rob's speech above: "You look down and there's hundreds of rats crawling everywhere. In New York, they try to get rid of them, and these people, they're honoring them. And then you feel really bad, because you want to be respectful, because they're so unafraid and they're so happy to be there. And you stick out like a sore thumb, because you're terrified and you look like an idiot, you look disrespectful, so you try to keep it together." That was very cool. She completely kicked butt. She has trouble only with the last few steps, getting down into the sand pit where the clue actually is. A boy comes along and leads her, which for whatever reason really helps. Brennan and Kevin catch up with her, which turns out to work well, because she takes the lid off the canister where the clues are, and Brennan takes out all three, which he distributes to the three teams. See? Civility. That wasn't so hard. The clue just says to get to the pit stop at a hotel in Bikaner. End of the leg -- whew! Another tough one, I'd say. As they exit the temple, Margarita calls it "the roadblock of all roadblocks." Of course, she didn't do the sewer.

Outside, the teams reunite. "Did they crawl on you?" Drew asks. Kevin says, "Only at the end." Me: "Ick. Eee." Kevin says, "There was food all over, and a lot of rat poo." ["Sars: 'Hee. "Poo."'" -- Sars] As the teams head for cabs, Drew notes, "First one to the hotel's in first place." This is true, of course, but "first place" in this case isn't exactly what it usually is. After all, they're all bunched, and unless the cab ride is long, they're not going to unbunch by much. Esquire, of course, can't find their cab driver, because he is off communicating by ESP with the cabbie back in New York who they didn't tip. "Don't take them anywhere," Untipped Cabbie is saying silently. Danza and the Frats get on the road, but Esquire is still stalled out, driverless. "Our cab driver can't stay awake, and he's getting some tea," Brennan says in disgust. "He's wide awake right now, smiling as he walks away from us," Rob grumps. Rob needs a hug. They finally get going, but we then get a shot of them in their cab that is arguably the worst, unhappiest, most unappetizing shot we've had of any team from the beginning. Brennan actually just looks beat, except that of course he's still wearing the Hating-Hat, so I'm still mad at him. Rob, on the other hand, has the world's most raging case of either hat-head (which would be weird, since he didn't appear to be hatted recently) or bed-head (which would be weird, since lack of sleep seems to be exactly the problem) or anger-head (which I've never heard of until now, but seems to be the right answer). He's also rubbing his eyes like a psycho. Poor Rob.

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