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"This is Indonesia," Phil says, "A country that stretches more than three thousand miles across the Indian and Pacific Oceans." Hard to capture it all in just a few camera shots, then, not that the Amazing Cameramen and Amazing Editors don't make an heroic effort anyway. "And on the most densely populated island of Java, [insert missing verb here] Bosska Observatory." Phil's back out on the lawn outside the domed building as he says, "Built in the 1920s, it is home to seven telescopes and is now the start of the tenth leg in a race around the world." Seven telescopes? I hope the astronomers look at each other through the wrong ends and go, "I'm crushing your head!" once in a while.

Leo & Jamal won the ninth leg, so they're starting this one at 7:25 AM, when the sunlight is practically horizontal. Leo mumble-reads another clue unintelligibly, but fortunately the subtitles tell us they're going to King Cobra House. Phil says that's a "street stall" (though it looks more like a stand) where they'll have to eat what Phil calls "an exotic dish that locals savor for its healing benefits." Specifically, grilled cobra. Looks like the stand also has some live ones on hand, like restaurants where you get to pick your own lobster out of a tank but with lots more neurotoxins. Phil holds up a serving in a big palm leaf as he says that devouring this delicacy will earn teams their next clue. Their allowance for this leg is $27, according to some additional mumble-reading from Leo. As they run down the hill from the Observatory (where the racers presumably slept in those planetarium seats that lean way back), they remind us how they lost their allies at the end of the last leg, when Ally & Ashley were eliminated. That was a pretty one-way alliance anyway; all the guys ever got out of it was some flirting. As we see the Afghanimals getting into one of several colorful cabs waiting for the racers at the parking lot, they still seem to think they're the biggest target and the team to beat. Leo thinks the proof of this is the fact that they're the first team in race history to survive being U-Turned twice. No, Leo, you were U-Turned the second time because you're incredibly irritating. And you were U-Turned the first time because you're incredibly irritating. And you're still here because you're incredibly irritating.

Tim & Marie are starting the leg at 7:26 AM, and Marie seems a little alarmed by how the clue says, "Start yourselves off right in this leg of the race with a hearty snack." Tim tells us that she's the toughest girl he knows -- if "tough" is the word -- but she's got some food issues. As they run for the cabs, she notes the part where the clue says, "You must each finish your own serving." And her biggest fear? "Some kind of meat." Tim says that given Marie's issues, this could be the end of their race. If that even threatens to be the case, Tim, it's time to turn some of her shit back around on her.

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