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As Jim and Marsha take a shuttle to United, he pulls up his the bottom of his pants and shows his leg, still covered with quite a lot of blood. He says he thinks the bleeding has stopped at last, but I think that by "stopped," he means "slowed from a gush to a trickle." Meanwhile, Linda and Karen are heading into the airport.

Kami/Karli are hunting for Dennis and Erika at the American counter to tell them the good news that they should come over to United. When they get to American, though, the bad news becomes apparent that Dennis and Erika missed the boat by either not checking the flight arrivals or accepting bad information. "We should have known," Erika says. "We're stupid." Well, not stupid, but...perhaps not quite as on the ball as they might have been. Considering how they were equivocating about whether it was the best flight to take, whatever information they got doesn't seem to have been very solid. It doesn't make a lot of sense, because they were specifically planning to check, but if they did, either they didn't ask the right question or they got flat-out lied to, I guess. And the flat-out lying doesn't seem that likely.

Colin and Christie, who haven't heard the news, step right up and get their tickets on American. Marshall and Lance do the same. The last team to expertly weasel itself onto the bad flight ahead of everyone else is Chip and Kim. Chip thanks the gate agent effusively, because he kind of doesn't get it yet.

Finally, Charla and Mirna pull into Park One. They run for the shuttle. Elsewhere, Linda and Karen are remaining chipper after "missing out" on the American Airlines flight. Inside, Brandon and Nicole are third to get on the good flight, followed by Jim and Marsha, Bob and Joyce, Charla and Mirna, and Linda and Karen. Charla explains to the excited bowlers that their flight actually lands sooner. "No waaaay!" the bowlers exclaim. Yeah, once or twice on the "No waaaay!" will be about enough also.

Jim and Marsha are hanging out by the ticket counter when Jim pulls up his pantleg again and shows us a still-bleeding leg. There is apparently a paramedic on duty who pulls Jim aside and asks to look at the leg. Marsha says this caused her a lot of worry. Yeah, poor...her. The paramedic takes one look at Jim's leg and says that it will have to have stitches. Jim protests that he has to catch a flight, but the paramedic tells him he's not going anywhere without having the leg fixed up. Jim and Marsha are forced to take a side trip to the airport medical clinic, which is a great place to get stitches, except that you probably have to wait for all the people with small children and the people who just "need a little extra time" and the people who frequently get stitches on business to get their stitches before you. Marsha manages to grab a guy driving a Thrifty rental car shuttle who agrees to run them to the clinic. Marsha thanks him profusely as she and Jim board.

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