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In Alison and Donny's car, he tells her that the seats are first-come, first-served. As opposed to, I guess...alphabetical? Erika needles Dennis not to fall behind and wind up missing the first plane. Oh, hey, dramatic irony! She interviews that they broke up because neither of them were ready to get married, which perhaps means that the CBS publicity story of their having broken up because she went skydiving naked is at least partially misleading. I would like to think so.

Colin and Christie are first to make it to our old stomping grounds, LAX's Park One. They're first on the shuttle, and they head for American Airlines.

And now, Phil explains a few things about the flights. The first flight out is American, and there are enough seats for four teams. The second flight is United, and there are enough seats for the other seven teams. As it turns out, however, the American flight has a longer layover, and actually lands later than the United flight. He also reminds us that once you receive your tickets, you can't exchange them.

Marshall and Lance, Kami/Karli, and Alison and Donny are on their way into the airport. Alison snaps something at Donny, who says, "And it starts." And...well, exactly, dude. She's a horror. Haven't noticed yet? I don't feel sorry for you. It's not like there haven't been hints. Donny goes on to interview that he's not sure why he and Alison are still together. He speculates that God might be "playing a weird joke." Or it's possible that God has already sent him several thousand signals, such as placing his girlfriend on television and allowing him to literally watch her disrespecting the crap out of him, and God has no more freaking idea about why he keeps ignoring the signals than anybody else does. Erika and Dennis head in behind all these folks. Four teams now all look to be headed for the same shuttle to the airport, but Marshall and Lance get on first and convince the driver not to pick the other three teams up, so the driver speeds off without them.

Colin and Christie make the inaugural march into the airport. They go up to the American Airlines counter -- well, an American Airlines counter -- and happily note that there are no other teams there. Elsewhere, Kami/Karli, Alison and Donny, and Dennis and Erika all get that shuttle they've been needing. When they're all aboard, these three teams agree to work together in the airport. Alison warns that there are still a lot of other teams to deal with when they try to get flights, and Donny smirks, "We've still got the midget to worry about, come on." Yeah, you know...I can start to see why they're still together. At least it means they can both be struck down by the same bolt of lightning.

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