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Back at the pier, Joyce is telling Bob to "open the hood." Joyce, I realize that they always tell you to be careful with preventive maintenance, but this is no time to check the oil, sister. I think she actually means the trunk, and Bob doesn't seem as confused by the request as I feel. Jim and Marsha, too, are struggling to find the trunk release so that they can pack up their bags. Jim finally opens the trunk with the key -- imagine that crazy scheme. Meanwhile, Charla and Mirna -- who is wearing a goofy little black-and-white scarf that I can definitely do without -- encourage themselves to get to the airport quickly. Linda and Karen take off as well -- wow, where have they been?

As Jim and Marsha drive, he mentions that his knee is bleeding rather badly. She turns around in the driver's seat to look. "Oh, Dad!" she says with alarm, as we see that Jim's entire knee and a good part of the rest of his leg are soaked with blood. Ew. Jim tells her to forget it and drive. I'm kind of surprised he didn't just carve his leg off and throw it out the window, in retrospect. Jim says that he thinks that when he tripped, he ripped his knee on a nail in the pier, and the Amazing Editors take you back to the starting line with the spot shadow on Jim, so that you can see him take the fateful tumble. Marsha voices over that her dad, as a military guy, has a "never-give-up attitude." Yeah, if he were going to give up, the part where he was dripping blood would have been the best possible time.

Bob and Joyce discuss the fact that they're in last place as they finally get going away from the parking lot. We catch up briefly with Chip and Kim and Brandon and Nicole as they work through the traffic. "Honk, babe, you're an L.A. driver," Nicole encourages in a whiny voice that's going to get old very quickly. Meanwhile, Colin and Christie are hitting no traffic on her alternate route. She says that he's her "best friend," and that she can do anything with him there, which is nice, but kind of obvious. He's her "rock," which you can put with "feisty" and "high-maintenance" on the "say this, shut up" pile.

KarliKami, who's navigating, tells KamiKarli, who's driving, to get in the middle lane. Elsewhere, Lance congratulates himself on working his way through traffic, saying that it's obvious that there will be an opportunity to get ahead of the other teams, some of whom "have women driving." Yeah. Driving over your ass if you don't close your flapping yap, Hand-Tossed-Crusty the Non-Clown. KamiKarli doesn't move the car fast enough for KarliKami, who says, "Dammit, when I say get over, get over." Hey, I thought they had the voodoo vibes. Why didn't she just send the Secret Twin Bat Signal for "change lanes"? In an interview, they say that when they don't get along, they like to "take it out on each other." And of course, that's what teamwork is all about.

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